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Pacquiao Q&A: Ready for all scenarios

On why Marquez’s style gives him problems:

“The problems before were that I never studied the style of being a counterpuncher. I learned that after we fought the two times, how to study and fight a good counterpuncher like Marquez.

“I think that I’ve improved a lot. I’m ready to fight a counterpuncher. I’m ready to fight a counterpuncher boxer.

On the notion of facing Mayweather:

“I think that I’ve proved everything that I have to prove. I don’t think that I need to prove anything more in boxing. I’ve already proved that I can fight and that I can win even the biggest fight and also what I’m doing right now.

“I’m happy giving a challenging fight. I just want to maintain and to continue to give the people excitement. I want to give a good fight to the people. But I’m happy with all that I have done in boxing.”

On the responsibilities of being a fighter and a congressman:

“For me, if I’m in training, or it’s part of the training, then I have to go somewhere and go some place and train hard. I can set aside everything else and focus and concentrate on my fight and the training. I think that I’m happy for doing this.

“I’m still happy doing this. As long as I’m happy doing this, then I will continue. I think I’ve got a few more years in boxing, but I’m not going to stay too long as I’m going to focus on being a public servant. I’m starting to think about my future life after boxing.”



Photo by Chris Cozzone, Fightwire Images

Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Photo by Chris Cozzone, Fightwire Images

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