Lem Satterfield

Beristain: Marquez would be Mexico’s No. 1 with victory over Pacquiao

On why Marquez has been so effective as a counterpuncher against Pacquiao:

“When we first started in the gym when he was a kid, that’s one of the things that Marquez did naturally. He’s always been just a natural counterpuncher. As he got older, he developed a much better technique at it.

“He got better and better and he became one of the bets in the world at it, and we’re hoping that this third time ,he will be able to take advantage of it.

“I think that Pacquiao has a great punch. You know, every minute of every round, you’re in danger. You know that if he hits you right, then that can be it. That’s something that we have worked on, not letting that happen.

“No matter what you say about the knockdown in the second fight, we won that fight. I’ll go to my grave saying that we won that second fight.”

On going head-to-head against Roach:

“We’re in second place. Those guys are the main event. We will do our job, and if we do our job well, then things will take care of themselves.

On whether or not Pacquiao has improved:

“Without a doubt, Pacquiao’s trainer has done a lot with him. He’s taught him a lot, and he’s a more compete fighter. But also, that helps us.

“Because before, he was kind of wild, but he’s gotten a lot better. But that makes it better. That makes it easier for us. I think that that helps us.

“Now, he’s not wild any more, so we know where he’s coming from. We know exactly how to read him and where he’s coming from.”

On why the Pacquiao-Marquez matchup is such a good one:

“I believe that the way Manny Pacquiao fights, and the fact that he’s such a spectacular fighter, that he’s always willing to exchange and he’s always willing to fight. He’s found a guy that is always willing to fight with him.

“You know, he’s found someone who is willing to fight with a similar style and at a similar pace. One guy’s strength is to make another guy’s style work against him, and the other guy’s style is to go hard. 

“I stay awake watching the first two fights. You can lose a lot of sleep studying a guy like Manny Pacquiao. But they have a style that just meshes and makes a good matchup. I’ve seen them all.

“I think that I know Manny Pacquiao pretty well. It’s like they were made for each other. This fight right here is going to be the best one of the three.”

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