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I am not going to be confrontational with you as I have sporadically in the past, but….who do you think won the Pacman-JMM fight?

I thought Pacquiao won the first fight, the second a close one that could have gone either way. This one? Complete garbage…. — Frank McLeod, Jr., Atlanta, GA

After 36 rounds, I still don’t have a clear winner between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez on my very unofficial scorecards. These two just have a way of neutralizing each other in my view.

I had the fight even after four rounds, eight rounds and after 10. It was that kind of fight in my view (and mind you, I wasn’t ringside; I was watching on TV.) So I don’t think a majority decision for Pacquiao is “garbage.”

I think the 116-112 scorecard in Pacquiao’s favor gave him WAY too much credit. However, I think 116-112 (and 117-112, which a few ringside writers had) for Marquez is equally ridiculous.

You know what else is silly? The notion that these two future hall of famers will ever settle who’s best in the ring. They’re too evenly matched and their styles and mentalities mesh in way that will always result in a closely contested distance fight. Because of this fact, I don’t care to see a fourth match. Had Saturday’s fight been a barnburner like the first two, I wouldn’t mind so much, but while it was compelling, it did not entertain the way the 2004 and 2008 bouts did.

Those fights were much better because both men had greater speed, reflexes and punch outputs fighting under lightweight (oh, and they were also younger). The third fight was good, but merely “OK” by the high standard they set with their previous two encounters.


I guess I have three thoughts that come to mind after watching the Pacquiao-Marquez PPV:

1. Mike Alvarado-Breidis Prescott is why we are obsessed with this sport.
2. Marquez won that fight.
3. I guess now that Manny looked vulnerable we’ll probably see a fight with Floyd.

— Matt O., Atlanta, GA

Thanks for keeping your thoughts concise, Matt. I’ll respond to your points in order:

1. Alvarado is one hard-ass mother f__ker. Prescott finally looked like a world-class fighter to me on Saturday. The Colombian would have beat a lot of top 140 pounders with the form he exhibited during the first half of that fight; but “Mile High Mike” would not be denied. I want to see him in with a top-10 junior welterweight or a welterweight brawler in his next fight.

2. I can see Marquez winning by 115-113. That’s a reasonable score.

3. I sincerely hope so. And I hope it happens in 2012.


Alvarado definitely picked up a lot of fans tonight. That kid is all heart. I thought the stoppage was a little premature, but I think the outcome would have been the same. Bradley did what he needed to do.

Now on to the real story, Marquez fought beautifully. The entire fight was fought with such a high level of skill. I thought the rounds Marquez won were much more impressive than the ones Pacquaio won. I also thought his punches were more effective, BUT I thought Pacquaio’s aggressive style won him more rounds. Marquez just has the style that will always give Pacquaio problems. I thought Pacquaio won by a round or two, but if someone scored it the other way I’m not going to argue. Overall I already had so much respect for Marquez, but danm he’s a warrior. I give him more credit in his loss than I give Pacquaio in his victory.

I can’t stand Mayweather, but I believe his style is Pacquaio’s kryptonite. Pacquaio’s fights since the last Marquez fight were against aggressive come forward fighters that didn’t have superior defense. Marquez is a boxer who can fight when he needs to. He’s defensive and counters beautifully. Mayweather is exactly that, but on an entirely different level. As of right now, I only give Pacquaio a puncher’s chance against Mayweather. The way I see it is, Mayweather winning an unexciting lopsided win. How did you score it? It sounded to me like Marquez had more fans in the house.

Where does Marquez go from here and where does Pacquaio go from here if Mayweather doesn’t grow balls. I have to think after seeing this fight Mayweather will finally sign the dotted line. Marquez-Bradley? Thoughts? — Michael

My thoughts? I’ve got lots of thoughts, Michael. First off, I agree with your take on Pacquiao-Marquez III.

I had it a draw, but I think it could have gone either way by one or two points. It would have been nice if Marquez got the nod for once. A fourth fight would make sense if the two rivals were tied 1-1-1 in three bouts.

I also agree that Marquez has a style that will always give Pacquiao problems. They proved that on Saturday. Even when Pacquiao had a weight advantage, he couldn’t get rolling against Marquez.

I do not agree (entirely) with your take on a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown.

There’s no doubt that Mayweather’s style will be difficult for Pacquiao. It’s difficult for every boxer who steps into the ring with him. However, I’m not convinced it will be Pac’s “kryptonite” or even as problematic as Marquez’s style.

While they are both natural counter punchers, Marquez does not box exactly like Mayweather does. Like you said: “Marquez is a boxer who can fight when he needs to.”

Mayweather is a boxer who works pure defense when he needs to. Floyd’s awesome at what he does, but I think what makes JMM so difficult for Pacquiao is that he takes chances. He will risk getting clipped in order to land his power shots. He let his hands go — in bunches — at the right times during every round of his fights with Pacquiao, which stifles the Filipino hero‘s momentum.

Mayweather doesn’t do that (unless his opponent happens to be looking at the ref with his hands down by his waist). He didn’t even do it against Marquez, who he had every conceivable advantage over. Floyd likes to gamble, but it’s not in his mental makeup to do so in the ring.

Now, maybe Mayweather can stifle Pac’s momentum just by using his jab and two or three hooks or right hands per round. That could be the case but my guess (and that’s all it is) is that it won’t be enough.

I also disagree with your notion that all of Pacquiao’s opponents, since the second Marquez fight, have been “aggressive come-forward” fighters. Joshua Clottey was not aggressive nor forward marching when he fought Pacquiao. He mostly focused on defense and tried to catch Pac with single counter shots. And he was dominated for 12 rounds.

I honestly have no idea what Marquez will do next, but I have no interest in watching the Mexican master fight Bradley or Amir Khan or any other elite 140-pounder. Those young guns will probably beat him and then I’m going to be inundated with emails from armchair Eddie Futches who think Bradley and Khan would spank Pacquiao‘ ass raw.

The only fight I want to see Marquez take is a 140-pound showdown against fellow future hall of famer and Mexican legend Erik Morales.

The only fight I care to see Pacquiao in is the one most American fans and boxing writers probably now view as a mismatch — the showdown with Mayweather.

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