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Dougie’s Monday mailbag


What’s up Dougie,

I was with the majority of the ‘experts’ who had Manny winning convincingly. You had him wearing JMM down by the 8th or 9th, right? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the way Marquez was able to solve the Pac-Man puzzle. In the middle rounds Manny was desperately trying to find those crazy angles and JMM was pivoting like a master to meet him head on. That judge that who scored it 116-112 should be banned!! This was the first time Manny was booed by the crowd and we can all tell that it bothered him. I still think he can take Mayweather, but I think Manny should fight Timothy Bradley and call it a career and say, f**k you Mayweather! What do you think, Dougie? — Miguel, LBC

I have no problem with Pacquiao saying “f__k you, Mayweather,” but I still want to see them fight. I’m a Bradley fan but I don’t care to see him fight Pacquiao. Not yet, anyway.

I did indeed predict a late stoppage for Pacquiao. I thought he would bust Marquez up to the point that somebody would have to stop it. (I thought he would be competitive, though, at least through the middle rounds; so give me some credit!) I’m glad I was wrong about the stoppage prediction. I think it’s a point of pride — as it should be — for Marquez to be able to say that nobody has been able to put him down and keep him down.

I also thought that Pacquiao was visibly bothered by the boos from the crowd during his post-fight interview. Good! Hopefully this experience will put a chip on his shoulder and he will seek to silence all of his new doubters by forcing Arum to make the Mayweather fight.


Dear Doug,

This is the first time I’ve written and it’s less so about the results and more so about what happened after. Before I go on, for the record, I had to score it 1 round with 2 rounds max going to Pac. The reason for it is simply, after watching it again on the close rounds, I felt Pac ate his share of leather better, landed more punches and, quite simply, was more aggressive overall. I thought Marquez landed the cleaner punches overall but had a fair number of counter punches on his overall punch total and whenever he got hit, he didn’t look good eating the leather. That said, I still think it was close but a one round difference to Pac. Now onto my point…

I just felt that the fans threw classiness out of the window after the fight. Not only were the fans making boxing look like a soccer riot but I also think it was a sham to call the decision “highway robbery.” I don’t even think a draw would’ve made a difference in my opinion to appease the fans; they wanted a Marquez victory only. Marquez has a style a bit more offensive minded than Mayweather and it feels like Marquez vs. Pac is like Ali vs. Frazier; Frazier may have gotten crushed by Foreman who Ali did away with but Ali just had fits and problems with Frazier.

Marquez can be disgusted with the results, its his right, but his attitude and those of his fans are disappointing in all honesty. The neighborhood I live in turned ugly after the announcement of the winner was made and it looked as ugly as the ring did (no joke). There are currently cars with broken windows and tossed glass bottles shattered around the ground where I am. I may be singling out people and I can be accused of being naive and believing boxing is still a gentleman’s sport that always demonstrates a sense of professionalism regardless of the situation but what happened was uncalled for. That looked scary in the ring after the fight and my place seemed to follow the same way.

Frankly I don’t see how some of the writers @ ESPN saw it 8-4 for Marquez; I didn’t even see that for Pac! The last call of 116-112 was also bad but even if you adjust it, it’s still a majority decision that I felt we could all live with. It was a good fight but with the way Marquez and his fans acted, I feel like they shouldn’t get a 4th match at all! I thought there was going to be a storming of the stage for a second.

This isn’t soccer, it’s boxing and it was far from the highway robbery that I am seeing posted by Marquez fans. Highway robbery was P-Will over Martinez. This may not have been a convincing win for Pac but I still thought it was enough to eke out a win. I’m actually impressed given the (hostile) environment Pac did rally towards the end and Marquez did perform above expectation but, honestly, that behavior was uncalled for; it’s not the UFC or WWE… — Evo

UFC and WWE fans are probably better sports than boxing fans. Soccer fans are still no. 1 when it comes to riots, but I think boxing fans bitch and moan more than any other sport fan. We love to be miserable and we will make a mountains out of molehills whenever the guy we wanted to win gets the s__t-end of the stick.

I was also disappointed by the fans booing during Pacquiao’s post-fight interview but I wasn’t surprised by it at all. Once the fight went the distance I knew Marquez, who most of us counted out, would be the sentimental favorite and if he didn’t win, many fans (and hotheaded boxing insiders like Lou DiBella — who, if you recall, I used to call “DiBellyache” back when I was with MaxBoxing) would scream bloody murder on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Shoot, even when the fights are good, even great, a little controversy goes a long way with boxing fans. Take the first Pacquiao-Marquez fight. We witnessed a Mike Tyson-esque display of explosive offense from the PacMan and Joe Frazier-esque heart and grit from Marquez, who kept getting up from knockdowns in the first round. We saw a courageous clinic put on by Marquez from round two through the middle rounds before Pacquiao dug deep and rallied late. Yet all anyone wanted to talk about (or bitch about) was Burt Clements 10-7 score of the opening round, because that score made the bout a draw instead of a win for Manny. Fans saw elite talent, skill, and heart and incredible drama, but all they wanted was a “win.”

That fight taught me how ridiculous boxing fans truly are. And Pacquiao-Morales I and Diego Corrales-Jose Luis Castillo I, which took place the following year, only supported my opinion that many boxing fans and industry folks are untreated mental patients. Those two fights were as good as boxing gets in terms of sustained action, evenly matched world-class competition and drama, but after Morales-Pacquiao at least one-third of the emails I received went on about the brand of gloves Manny was forced to wear. Can you believe that? It’s true. And after Corrales-Castillo, which was the f__king fight of the decade, all I heard about was how the late Chico spat his mouthpiece out twice in that unbelievable 10th round.

So yeah, I know boxing fans are crazy. You guys can deny it all you want, but I KNOW you. Most of you fools are straight-up nut cakes.

But not everyone is crackers. You seem like a rational fellow and I know there are more of you out there. Here’s what I need you to do. EMAIL ME MORE OFTEN for the mailbag. Why are the mentally balanced fans so damn shy? Bro, make your voice heard. There’s a mass hysteria that often takes over after questionable or controversial fights that pulls fans who are on the fence into the “highway robbery” exclamations. I think that would happen to a lesser degree if more rational fans made their opinions heard in social media and on boxing forums and message boards. This is your sport, too! If you don’t like the extreme, absolutist, often negative, reactions from most fans, give them a peak into your calm minds.


After tonight’s undeserved win by Pacquiao over Juan Manuel Marquez, surely even you have to admit that Pacquiao lacks the boxing skill to be competitive with Floyd Mayweather! Mayweather will make Manny look stupid while counterpunching him even more effectively than JMM just did (I am not a Mayweather apologist). Agree or not? — Haachitaba

I agree that Mayweather has a style that will trouble Pacquiao, but I don’t agree that the Filipino star “lacks the boxing skill” compete with Floyd or that your favorite boxer will make him look “stupid.” (Come on, man. Why do you even bother stating that you’re “not a Mayweather apologist?” That means about as much to me as when Joe Cortez says he’s “fair but firm.” Yeah right. I ain’t buyin’ it.)

You’re obviously a big Mayweather fan. I know you think that God specifically created him to win at boxing and that he will never lose. I know you think he’s an all-time great who would have taken Sugar Ray Leonard to school. And I’m sure that you viewed Marquez’s near win against Pacquiao on Saturday as a CLEAR victory for your guy. Good for you. I’m glad Marquez can bring pride and joy to those outside of his Mexican fan base.

Maybe I can add to your euphoria with this statement: Based on Pacquiao’s performance against Marquez on Saturday, I would slightly favor Mayweather over the P4P king if they fought next year.

However, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Pacquiao gave Mayweather hell once the bell rang.

Here’s some things to ponder:

Just because Marquez is willing to take Pacquiao’s brand of punishment doesn’t mean that Mayweather will be.

Just because Marquez will risk getting his block knocked off by going to the body and dropping three- and four-punch combos on Pacquiao doesn’t mean that Mayweather will do the same once he’s in the ring with the southpaw whirlwind.

Just because Mayweather can decisively beat Marquez, and Marquez gives Pacquiao hell, it does not necessarily mean that Mayweather can beat Pacquiao. (You think Marquez beat Pacquiao. OK. Does that mean he can beat all the fighters Pacquaio has beat? Would you favor Marquez over Miguel Cotto, Josh Clottey or Antonio Margarito? As much as I love JMM, I wouldn’t.)


Marquez made Manny look amateurish and out of balance all night long. How is that for an older, slower fighter that was a clear underdog? The fight was very close and could have gone both ways but, regardless of the decision, Marquez impressed me A LOT. I was and still am a Manny Pacquiao fan, I believe his style to be the most fun to watch among any fighter of this era, but thumbs up to the Mexican veteran for this feat!

Who can now really believe that Pac can hope to win against Mayweather though? It was a very anticlimactic night for boxing… — Etienne Gaudette, Montreal

Marquez gave Pacquiao problems, no doubt, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that he made Pacquiao look “amateurish.” An amateur boxer wouldn’t be able to mark up his face like that. Somebody did that damage to JMM’s face. Since I didn’t see Tony Weeks give Marquez the back of his hand at any point, I have to assume it was Pacquiao.

I thought the fight was anticlimactic in that it wasn’t as entertaining as their first two bouts, but as far the Mayweather-Pacquiao matchup, I think it might have helped the likelihood of that potential superbout happening.

“Who can now really believe that Pac can hope to win against Mayweather?” It might just be me and the Philippines, E.G., but that’s OK.

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