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Arum doubts New York will license Margarito for Cotto rematch

RingTV.com: Can you shed any light on the hearing?

BA: We had Margarito be treated by the biggest ophthalmological surgeon in the country, Alan Crandall, if not the world. He submitted an affidavit and testified by video conference at the hearing.

We had another doctor who is the foremost sports ophthalmologist testify. And none of the commissioners asked them one question.

After they finished testifying, we took a break, and Melvina Lathan, the chairwoman of the New York Commission, didn’t realize that her microphone was still on.

She said to another commissioner who stayed in the room, “Do you believe this? I don’t believe a word they said.”
Can you believe that she would say that with two of the foremost opthalmologists, that they had anything to gain by this?


RingTV.com: Are you holding out any hope that there will be a vote in favor of keeeping the fight at The Garden?

BA: I know from being at that hearing that they’re not.

RingTV.com: Would it be fair to speculate that since you are in Texas right now, and that you had positive experiences at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the past, that Texas is a safe bet as the frontrunner to host the card?

BA: We’ll make a decision tomorrow, but everything will work itself out.

Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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