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Sup Doug

1. Not gonna say much about the decision for the Juan Manuel Marquez-Manny Pacquiao fight. I think enough has been said. I had Marquez winning, btw. What I would like to talk about is some Pac fans making this bogus claim about Marquez “foot stomping.” (It’s on Youtube; they’re trying to imply that Marquez was stepping on Manny’s lead foot on purpose.) It’s quiet laughable and ridiculous. There’s no shame in looking bad against Marquez. He’s just a fighter that is very difficult to look good against.

2. I think I know why a lot of people buy Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Tickets. I found myself trying to purchase tickets for the fight that’s’ happening here in Houston and I wasn’t looking forward to watching him fight. All I was thinking is getting a chance to meet Chavez Sr. LOL. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one.

3. What’s your stance on Victor Conte? Some think he’s the “bad guy” others don’t know who he is, but I heard he’s working with the Nevada State Athletic Committee to close loopholes in boxing’s drug testing to prevent doping. What do you think? Legit or BS as usual?

4. I see Margarito-Cotto II exactly the same as the first bout. Too bad Margarito’s victory was over shadowed, questioned and even discredited over the controversy that followed. It sucks cuz I vividly remember Margarito’s victory. It was a true classic bout. It had blood, drama, action, come-from-behind TKO victory, and to put a cherry on top it had the Mexican-Puerto Rico rivalry. It just sucks that it was all overlooked because of what happened a year later. Once again I understand why this happened but it still sucks!

Peter, Houston, Texas

Thanks for emailing your thoughts Peter. I’ll respond to them in order:

1. The Marquez “foot-stomping/stopper trick” allegations are just as silly as when Pacquiao’s fans tried to blame his loss to Erik Morales on the type of gloves he wore for their classic first fight. And that Youtube video is freakin’ hilarious with its dramatic soundtrack and slo-mo replays. (“Ha ha, millions of hits!”) Good grief. Hey Pacquiao fans, there are three things you need to realize: one, a right-handed fighter is going to occasionally step on the lead foot of a left-handed fighter. It happens with an orthodox-southpaw matchup, especially over the course of 12 rounds. Two, Marquez knows how to fight your hero and he possesses a style that’s always going to trip him up (pun definitely intended). Three, if you really believe that Marquez stepping on Pacquiao’s lead foot four or five times enabled him to nearly beat the southpaw badass, then your guy has no shot at beating Mayweather, who’s got a deeper bag of savvy tricks than anyone (save for maybe Bernard Hopkins).

2. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Chavez Sr.’s presence is a big part of Junior’s ability to generate robust ticket sales. Hey, I don’t care what the reason certain fighters get butts in the seats for their fights, I’m just glad there are a few bona-fide ticket-sellers in the sport. We need all we can get. And I’ll add this, Chavez Jr. is generally worth the price of admission. I think at least six of THE RING’s top 10-rated middleweights would beat him handily, and RING champ Sergio Martinez would absolutely destroy him — hell, I won’t have a heart attack if Peter Manfredo Jr. upsets him tomorrow — but the 25-year-old body puncher usually makes for entertaining fights. And he’s not without attributes and ability. He’s a decent infighter and he takes a good shot. I’m looking forward to watching him on HBO.

3. I think Conte can be very good for the sport if the other major commissions work with him as the NSAC is doing. I don’t view him as “bad guy.”

4. I like Cotto by close decision. I think Margarito has more wear and tear on his body than the Puerto Rican star does and this will be the difference in another competitive, entertaining and dramatic bout. I think Margarito’s style and mentality will always push Cotto to his limits. Too bad about Tony’s licensing issues in NYC. This matchup (and the entire PPV card) belongs at Madison Square Garden. It’s definitely the event of the year at that storied venue. I’m not sure that it is anywhere else.



I know you hate Floyd. It’s understandable. He’s an a__hole and his fans are idiots. I get it. But how the F__K can you guys at the “Ring magazine” justify Pacquiao still being number 1 p4p??? It’s utterly UBSURD. I can’t say I’m surprised. The 10 Pacquiao covers a year on your magazine is proof that you guys cater to the (now quiet) Pactard nation. I’m a Sergio Martinez guy, a Andre Ward guy. So don’t assume I’m a Floyd fan just because your reasons for Pacquiao staying #1 p4p makes me sick to my stomach. This is clearly the Ring’s way of saying F-U Floyd, we don’t care if your better because we hate you. And I’m sorry man….but I can’t support The Ring magazine anymore. — Ivan

Oh please. Calm down. You will continue to read THE RING (and visit at least once a day), because we provide quality coverage of this sport that you love. And you are absolutely a Floyd fan. Don’t pretend to be a “Martinez or Ward guy.” You would never get this upset about a difference of opinion or perceived insult to either fighter. But if someone believes Pacquiao is just a little more deserving of some mythical title than Mayweather, you lose your mind and let loose with a capitalized F-bomb-laced email to Yours Truly.

Dude, it wasn’t my sole decision to keep Pacquiao in the top spot. It was the consensus choice of THE RING’s Ratings Advisory Panel. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had any problem if Mayweather had been elevated to the top spot, even though I personally believe PacMan is a little more deserving.

Michael Rosenthal and Lem Satterfield both believe that Mayweather is HANDS DOWN a better boxer than Pacquiao and will clearly defeat the Filipino icon if they fight. But that’s not how we rank the fighters in our pound-for-pound rankings. We rank ‘em based on accomplishments, and by that criteria, we believe that Pacquiao edges Mayweather.

For me it comes down to activity. Pacquiao’s not a part-time prize fighter like your favorite boxer. I actually ranked Mayweather No. 1 on my personal pound-for-pound list at the end of 2007. I thought he was more accomplished and fought the better opposition in 2006 and ’07. And since Winky Wright kind of fell off after his draw with Jermain Taylor, Floyd was the man. But then he “retired.” And when he did that, Pacquiao was upgraded to the No. 1 spot, and the little guy quickly justified his position by edging Marquez in their classic rematch, winning a 135-pound title by nearly killing David Diaz, jumping to welterweight to put the beatdown on Oscar De La Hoya that Floyd couldn’t muster, decapitating Ricky Hatton in two rounds for THE RING’s 140-pound title, and stopping Miguel Cotto for a 147-pound belt. I was impressed by his shutout of Joshua Clottey (a top-five welterweight, who I thought could be competitive). I was less impressed with his victories over Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley, but you know what? At least the little guy is fighting. Look at what he’s done since the start of ‘08. What has Floyd done in that time? He’s fought three freakin’ times, one-sided decisions over Marquez and Mosley and a TKO of Victor Ortiz. Sorry dude, that’s not enough to overtake the “Pac-monster.”

I don’t care that he beat Marquez decisively, which is something Pacquiao will never do. Pacquiao beat Hatton and De La Hoya a lot worse than Mayweather did. Different style matchups, different outcomes.

The only way the debate about who’s best will be settled is if Mayweather and Pacquiao duke it out in the ring.


In Rosenthal’s Ring Ratings Update, there’s no mention of Marquez debuting in the welterweight rankings. Granted Marquez fought at a catchweight, is generally not considered a welterweight-sized fighter, and may not fight again at that weight. But conversely, anything above 140 lbs. is considered a welterweight bout, the fight was contested for the WBO welterweight title, and Marquez fought on even terms and arguably beat the #1 rated welterweight in the world.

It seems that the objectivity of the ratings system would put Marquez somewhere in the top 10 after Saturday’s fight. Am I missing something? Thanks. — John, Irvine CA

No, you’re not missing anything. In fact, you make a good point. Marquez nearly defeated THE RING’s No. 1-rated welterweight. He deserved consideration for our 147-pound rankings (even though he and Pacquiao were closer to junior welterweight than welterweight at their weigh-in).

I think three factors prevented us from thinking of Marquez as a welterweight:

1. He’s our reigning lightweight champ.

2. The only reason Marquez fought above 140 pounds is because Team Pacquiao MADE him in order to get the third match.

3. He gave no indication that he intended to stay at welterweight following last Saturday’s fight.

If Marquez demanded an immediate rematch with Pacquiao after the fight, or said he wanted a shot at another 147-pound titleholder, or even that he just felt great at the heavier weight, I think we would have at least thought about where he ranks among our welterweight top 10.

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