THE RING tribute to Joe Frazier – part 17

Joe Frazier enjoyed the spoils of his landmark victory over Muhammad Ali in March of 1971, taking the rest of the year off and then making two easy defenses of his heavyweight title against no-hopers Terry Daniels (TKO 4) and Ron Stander (TKO 5) in 1972.

THE RING chronicled Frazier’s long victory lap, which included numerous public speaking engagements, TV appearances and a visit to Washington D.C. to meet President Richard Nixon.

The magazine also celebrated Frazier’s ascension to the top of the sport by publishing feature stories about the personal side of his life: Joe Frazier the son, father, family man, and entertainer. However, by the end of 1972 boxing fans wanted to see Joe Frazier the fighter.

It was time for the heavyweight champ to face a legitimate challenger, and undefeated 1968 Olympic gold medalist George Foreman, who Frazier was scheduled to fight in Jamaica in January of 1973, certinaly looked the part. Boxing scribe and cartoonist Bill Gallo gave his unique pre-fight analysis on Frazier-Foreman in the February 1973 issue of THE RING.


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