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I’ve watched this 3 times… two words” “competitive loss” for JMM. He did just enough to not look outclassed. Sorry. No way he won. While he may not have been beaten up he merely counterpunched his way to a competitive stalemate. Since Manny brought the fight threw and landed more, Marquez has nobody to blame but himself. I think he could have won, but he chose to not risk getting knocked out instead.

JCC Jr. would get killed by Sergio Martinez. I think Canelo blows him out, too. I think his win over a fighter that did everything except file for Social Security to signal his retirement is making people think Chavez is better than he is.

Oh, and Michael Grant has a heavyweight title. Pretty sure this is Bizarro-world. — jrt730

Good for Grant, one of the nicer boxers I recall interviewing (although it’s been awhile — I think the last time I wrote a story on him was before either the Andrew Golota or Lennox Lewis fights). What are the chances he lures Jameel McCline out of retirement for a rematch?

While you’re probably right that Manfredo was “mentally” retired before he stepped into the ring with Chavez on Saturday, I still liked what I saw from Junior. I honestly did not think he was capable of sticking and moving the way he did. But he did, and he looked comfortable doing so — exhibiting good balance and timing along with his accurate punching. I didn’t think the guy who beat John Duddy and Sebastian Zbik was any better than Manfredo was when he was 25. But the young man I saw dominate the 30-year-old Manfredo looked like a contender to me.

Does that mean I would pick him to beat Felix Sturm, Gennady Golovkin or Dmitry Pirog? No. I’m not sure I’d make him a favorite to beat Sergio Mora (never mind Sergio Martinez). However, I wouldn’t count him out in those bouts. Prior to Saturday I would have.

I thought Canelo would wipe his ginger-colored ass with Junior prior to Saturday. Now I’m not so sure.

I hear what you’re saying about Pacquiao-Marquez III. I don’t agree that Marquez “did just enough to not look outclassed,” but I think “competitive stalemate” is the best description of what went down on Nov. 12.

I thought I’d score the fight for Marquez after watching the replay; instead I saw more of what Pacquiao did and scored the fight for him by one point (or 6-5-1 in rounds). Fans and media who described Pacquiao as “outclassed” or “clueless” gave Marrquez more credit than he probably earned and exaggerated the Filipino hero’s flaws in my not-so-humble opinion.



What’s up bro? A couple of quick takes…

Pacman-JMM III- I re-watched the fight with my wife, who missed the live feed because she was having our kid (a boy, Tim, healthy on 11/14). We both scored it for fun, she came up 115-113 Pacquaio, I came up with 115-113 Marquez. The thing was, it was even more clear on the replay that there were at least six rounds which could have easily gone either way, but, and here’s the thing, on most of the them, if you were going to score them for one, you were going to score the similar rounds for that guy. So, as weird as I see it, the fight could have gone anywhere from 116-112 either way, with anything in between. I was watching the Trowbridge scores and could not figure out what he was watching for. Bottom line, no matter which side you were rooting, I don’t see how you can come up with robbery.

Chavez Jr.- I agreed with what you wrote. Not every fight is going to be Angulo-Kirkland, or Hearns-Leonard, and not every fighter is going to be the next Hopkins or Bute. Chavez Jr. came in, accounted for himself well, fought an entertaining fight, and if he improves — and there’s lots of room for improvement — he’ll be a legit champ and competitive with all but the very top of the game. Is there any shame in that? I think not. Is he ever going to be his Dad? No, but 99.99% of fighters who ever strap on the gloves aren’t going to be able to carry JC Chavez’s jock. Which leads to…

The whining about Top Rank and Golden Boy protecting their paycheck earning fighters like Alvarez and Chavez Jr. Of course they are going to do some of that, quit complaining about it. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of message board tough guys talking about this crap. News flash: the promoters invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in these fighters and their careers, it isn’t in their interest to tear down that investment so you can see Canelo get ripped apart by Sergio Martinez.

Sorry about that, the message board tough guys are just wearing on my nerves man.

Prediction time:

Margarito stops Cotto mid to late rounds say 9.

Agbeko wins a UD over Mares in the rematch.

Khan stops a game Peterson in 10.

Mayweather sees Pacquaio as beatable now, and the fight will be made for May 5.

Late. — Steve in ND

Congratulations on the birth of your son, Steve. With him in your life, you won’t have as much time to spend reading what “message board tough guys” post on boxing forums, and believe me, that’s a GOOD thing.

My predictions:

Cotto scores a close unanimous decision over Margarito in another grueling, punishing fight.

Mares wins a unanimous decision (and nearly stops Agbeko late) in a heated, fast-paced bout.

Khan survives a few scares to eke out a closer-than-expected (perhaps controversial) decision over Peterson.

Everybody (including Bob Arum) sees Pacquiao as beatable now, and the fight is not made next year (however, the matchup receives more debate and coverage than any high-profile bout that IS made in 2012).

I understand why fans want to see Chavez-Alvarez ASAP, but I don’t see any reason to rush this matchup. Chavez is only 25 and he’s only begun to look like a real contender. Alvarez is just 21 and he could probably still make 147 pounds if really wanted to. Plus, although both fighters sell well by U.S. standards, they can continue to develop their fanbases to the point where they regularly pull in 10,000 fans (regardless of who they face) while receiving HBO exposure that will help build their names among American sport fans.

If Top Rank and Golden Boy play their cards right Chavez-Alvarez could become a pay-per-view extravaganza that will fill a stadium in May or September of 2013.

I agree with your take on Pacquiao-Marquez III. I scored rounds 1, 3, 4, 9, 11 and 12 for the PacMan (I had the seventh even) watching the replay. I changed who won four of the 12 rounds from the live viewing on Nov. 12.


What’s up Dougie,

Ok, Chavez Jr. looked decent against Manfredo on Saturday. Still, there is no way in hell his people will put him in against Sergio Martinez! We all know that. Their promoters should stop messing around and do it know, make JCC Jr. vs. Saul Alvarez happen in May! It would be a huge event, they’re both young and undefeated, and there really isn’t anybody else out there that is low risk-high reward for either of these guys. What, you want to put one of these boys in with ‘El Perro’ Angulo because he got knocked out? Yeah, right. I think that fight needs to be made already. What do you think, Dougie? — Miguel, LBC

I think Chavez-Alvarez would be an event if they fought next May, not a “huge event.” Both young titleholders are still largely unknown to non-Mexican/non-hardcore boxing fans. Both young men are still largely unproven. Both are still maturing and learning their craft.

If we let them grow up a bit, we may not only get the “huge event” but we could get a great, meaningful fight to go with it.

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