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Am I crazy, or would this be a big fight now that Pac has his tail stuck between his legs?

Who is out there for Floyd to fight if Pac won’t fight him? Martinez, okay, who else? I think that the Chavez fight would be a good fight for both guys. Floyd silences a lot of critics by jumping up two weight classes and taking on the middleweight champ (I know, I know, he is not the REAL champ, but he does have the WBC belt) and on top of the belt, he is fighting a big name attraction and ticket seller in his own right. Arum just might make it, it would be a huge money fight, he knows that Chavez is going to have to fight Martinez or get striped, he probably would make it because of all of the money involved, plus, he knows Chavez wouldn’t get stopped, just outboxed and made to look silly at most. But, he is so much bigger than Floyd, he could get lucky and get the KO (unlikely) but Arum might roll the dice on that one. Plus you’ve got all the angles because Chavez KTFO Uncle Roger twice…

Am I crazy? Who would you pick if this fight were to happen in May? Other names… “The Dominant DNA”, “Bloodlines”, etc…– JCB

You’re a promotional genius, JCB. I don’t know why this matchup never crossed my mind before. Oh yeah, now I remember, cuz Junior SUCKED!

However, Chavez finally seems to be taking his job seriously (something Mayweather has from day one, going back to the amateurs). They both have names and there’s history between their fighting families. There’s no doubt that this fight could be sold.

Chavez doesn’t possess a fraction of Mayweather’s talent, skill, technique or world-class experience, but he’s so much bigger than Floyd it makes one pause before completely counting him out of the fight.

I think “Bloodlines” (good one) or “Dynasties” would be appropriate names for the PPV event, which I doubt will ever happen.

By the way, the WBC will never strip Chavez. I don’t care what they tell Martinez.


Dear Doug,

I was inspired to write this on account of Frazier’s death and the Pac-JMM trilogy. In some rivalries, there is hatred. Examples are Ali-Frazier and Barrera-Morales. In others, there is real friendship. Examples are Pryor-Arguello and Gatti-Ward.

Pacquiao and Marquez fans certainly have been quite vitriolic, but I’d like to know how the two view each other–not in terms of “who won” but in terms of respect/like/dislike. Usually, their “trash talk” involves disputes over the three fights, not like Floyd’s or Toney’s.

So, as an insider, how do you view Pac and JMM in terms of respect/like for each other, or vice versa. Speaking of Toney, supreme trash talker that he is, his rivalry with McCallum is another example of great respect. (I read your features on both of them.) Take care. — Patrick

Pacquiao and Marquez definitely respect each other but they are not buddies. They don’t like each other, but they don’t dislike each other. Their rivalry reminds me of Juan Manuel’s little brother, Rafa’s, rivalry with Israel Vazquez. They have too much respect for each other to engage in s__t talk, but their pride and belief that they won certain fights (both Marquez brothers will go to their graves thinking they won the rubbermatch against their arch rivals) is so intense that they’ll probably never sit together at a bar, drinking beer and telling old war stories after they retire.

However, I hope Pacquiao and Marquez do one day become friends.


Hey Doug,
I’ve been reading the mailbags for a while now but have never written in, though after the plea for “rational fellows” and “mentally balanced” fans I felt compelled to give it a go.

It’s a shame that the decision completely dominated Pacquiao-Marquez on Saturday as while it may not have been at the level of their 1st two fights, it was still entertaining, and for the first time in a while, it was a super fight that wasn’t massively one sided.

I watched the fight with a couple of mates (having to listen to the most annoying commentator I’ve ever heard, guy called Benny Ricardo, who insists on saying who’s in what colour trunks at the start of every single round – we’ve stayed up til 5am and paid for the fight, I think we can tell who’s who). We all thought Marquez won. I know compubox had Pacquiao throwing and landing more, but it just seemed like every clean shot was from Marquez.

I was disappointed for Marquez more than anything (though I did win a nice bit of money on Pacquiao points). I just thought he fought a great fight and don’t know think he could have done a whole lot more really, maybe worked a bit harder at the end, but Pacquiao never seemed to get him off stride. Its odd how Pacquiao is an international superstar who’d transcended the sport, yet a guy who in a more than a couple of people’s eyes had beaten him three times is pretty unknown (at least before Saturday) to a lot of even casual sport fans.

I read recently that Marquez wouldn’t fight him again in Vegas. Do you think that harms the chances that fight happening? Who would you like to see him fight next (assuming he doesn’t retire). I’d love to see him fight Rios, though I guess that’s highly unlikely given the high risk low reward nature. Having said that if anyone has the balls to do it its Marquez – I’m not surprised he needed that massive sombrero to cover his area!

Where do you reckon Mayweather goes next if the Pacquiao fight doesn’t happen? The only other person I really want to see him fight is Martinez, though I strongly doubt that will ever happen. By the way, every time I see Lou DiBella speak he seems to be sucking up to Mayweather – has he always been like that or is he just trying to get his guy the fight. I know Khan wants the fight bad, but id like to see him have a couple fight at welter first. How do you think he fares?

It was interesting to see you change your mind on who’d win between Pacquaio and Mayweather. What do you think Pacquiao would have to do differently/what wouldn’t Mayweather be able to do as well as Marquez, for Pacman to win.

A couple of Top 5’s cos I’ve not seen these for a while.

Top 5 fights you’d put on your own PPV card right now.
Top 5 prospects
Top 5 bad decisions.

Anyway sorry it’s a bit long (I’m sure ill get it more concise with time). Have a good weekend. — Nim, UK

I’ll give ya my top 5 bad decisions this year: Mauricio Herrera over Mike Dallas Jr., Felix Sturm over Matthew Macklin, Paul Williams over Erislandy Lara, Devon Alexander over Lucas Matthysse, and Edwin Rodriguez over Will Rosinsky (not so much because the judges had it for Rodriguez, but due to the fact that all three scored a hotly contested fight a shutout for E-Rod)…

Top 5 fights I’d put on a PPV card right now: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Macklin, Saul Alvarez vs. Pawell Wolak, Jorge Arce vs. Abner Mares, James Kirkland-Alfredo Angulo II, and Giovani Segura vs. Tyson Marquez.

If I ruled boxing, I’d do a pay-per-view card of three or four GUARANTEED slugfests. I don’t think I’d bother putting any boxers on the card. It would only consist of pressure fighters and sluggers. (OK, maybe I’d have one or two boxer-punchers, but they‘d have to be Mexicans)… Seriously, it would mainly feature brawlers. I’d call it “F__k Boxing!” (and the letter “O” in the word “Boxing” would be one of those Ghost-Buster symbols with Floyd Mayweather or Derrick Gainer’s mug in it)….

Top 5 prospects: Buy the January issue of THE RING. I’ve got a list of 10 prospects to look out for in 2012 in the next magazine….

I’m not necessarily changing my mind on who would win Mayweather-Pacquiao. I just think that Mayweather should be slightly favored in that matchup. If I was an odds maker, I’d make it 8-5 or 9-5 in favor of Floyd. That doesn’t mean I’d pick him if the fight were ever made. Hell, I thought Lamon Brewster deserved to be a 7-to-1 underdog against Wladimir Klitschko when they first fought, likewise when Sergio Mora challenged the late Vernon Forrest, but I went with the “dogs” in both matchups based on styles and certain intangibles.

I will likely back the underdog if Mayweather-Pacquiao is ever made (don’t hold your breath). What does the PacMan “have to do differently/what wouldn’t Mayweather be able to do as well as Marquez, for Pacman to win?” I don’t think Pacquiao has to do anything differently. I think Pacquiao beats Mayweather just by being Pacquiao. My take on the matchup doesn’t really have much to do with what Mayweather doesn’t do as well as Marquez, it has to do with what JMM is WILLING to do vs. Pacquiao. He’s willing to stand his ground and let his hands go — in combination — to the body as well as the head. Mayweather doesn’t box like that. He’s always on defense. He gives ground. If he stands ground he leans away from punches, or blocks and counters. When he lets his hands go he fires ones and twos, seldom does he get off with three- and four-punch combos. I’m not saying he can’t beat Pacquiao doing what he normally does, but he’s going to have to be able to really hurt Manny with single shots and he’s going to have to consistently land flush punches to wear down the southpaw. It won’t be an easy task in my opinion.

DiBella is definitely jocking Floyd. The funny thing is, he refused to kiss Mayweather’s ass back when he was in charge of HBO’s boxing programming, a time when I actually thought Floyd was the truth (LOL!). Lou can stroke Mayweather’s ego through Twitter until Leonard Ellerbe starts getting jealous, Martinez ain’t getting that fight.

I think Khan gets Mayweather if the Pacquiao showdown isn’t made next year (and, of course, if Amir gets by Lamont Peterson on Dec. 10).

I don’t think Marquez’s refusal to fight in Vegas jeopardizes a fourth Pacquiao fight. If Arum really wants to make that bout, he’ll take it somewhere else, like Cowboys Stadium or the Alamodome in Texas.

The only guy I really want to see Marquez fight is “the one that got away,” Erik Morales. It’s a matchup that should have happened when both were 126-pound standouts and in their prime, but I actually believe it will be a better fight now that both are in their 30s and fighting around 140 pounds.

It is indeed a shame that Marquez is unknown (at least in comparison to his arch rival). The overly technical style/mentality he had during the early part of his career and some very bad managerial moves by Nacho Beristain have something to do with his relatively low profile. However, the fact that his first two promoters Forum Boxing and Top Rank either couldn’t or wouldn’t make or force matches against his featherweight peers at the time (Naseem Hamed, Marco Antonio Barrera and Morales) is also a factor. It must have been incredibly frustrating not to get shots at his countrymen, Barrera and Morales, who happened to have the same promoter he did (MAB was with the Forum; El Terrible was with Arum).

Golden Boy often gets a lot of grief from hardcore fans but they did right by JMM. They got him that shot with Barrera and helped make the Pacquiao rematch.

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