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Q&A: Bayless on Cotto-Margarito, Pacquiao-Cotto, Margarito-Cintron

RingTV.com: Did anything about Cotto’s fight with Margarito factor into the stoppage of his fight with Pacquiao?

KB: No, not at all. I take each fight as they come. I don’t try to let one fight influence the way that I’m going to make my decision in another fight.

I looked at Cotto, and I could just tell from the effect of the punches that he was absorbing that he was taking quite a few too many shots. So, I went to the corner, and I expressed to him what I felt that he needed to do.

Stopping a fight is always an issue. You’re going to always get one side happy and one side that is unhappy. I know that for Miguel Cotto, he wasn’t that pleased that I stopped it.

But safety kicks in because for a guy’s health and well-being, I’ve got to do what comes naturally for a guy with my training. So when it’s time for me to pull the cord, I pull the cord.

But I don’t look back at his previous losses and say, “well, he took a beating.” My mind is more concnetrated on making sure that a fight is clean and making sure that the welfare of a fighter’s safety is first.

RingTV.com: At what point do you look for signs of wear and tear in a fighter?

KB: When a fighter is getting up there in age, you know, yeah I may look back. In Nevada, I think that it’s at the age of 36 where you have to get a special license to fight.

At that time, when a fighter is getting up there in age, I may have a reason to think what happened in his last fight, et cetera. But when they’re young and healthy and close to their prime, I just take it as another fight.


RingTV.com: As a ringsider next Saturday at Margarito-Cotto II, any of their first fight be in the back of your mind?

KB: I will be interested in seeing what style and what tactics Miguel chooses with which to fight, as well as the same thing for Antonio Margarito.

I know where their will and their heart is at, but it’s what style they choose to bring and how well prepared they are is something that I will definitely be looking at.

I’m coming to the fight to be entertained just like the next spectator, but at the same time, because I have been in the ring with both of them, I’m going to look to see what the small, subtle things that the average fight fans may not see.

What each fighter brings in regard to what they’re going to do this time as opposed to what they’ve done the last times.

RingTV.com: Having had Margarito for his fifth-round knockout of Cintron, you know he hits pretty hard, but do you have any thoughts on speculation regarding the handwraps issue?

KB: No, I don’t. I have had people ask me, “well do you think…?”, and, well, no I don’t. Because that’s not my position to take.

I get in there to make sure that the fighters are fighting by the rules. I’ve had to tell people that not unless they were able to confiscate Margarito’s wraps after he fought Cotto in Las Vegas would we know.

But the wraps were not confiscated, so it’s only spectulation that people feel that he could have had them or he didn’t, and that’s just my position.


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