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Hey there Dougie,
Excellent article on Saul Alvarez calling out Floyd Mayweather. You summed up my thoughts on that fight completely. I think after reading your stuff for almost a decade (which encompasses all of my adult life if I truly have reached it) I tend to mimic your thoughts on the fight game. I got a sinking feeling when Canelo called him out. I have a strong feeling that’s the fight we’re gonna get in May.

Deja vu to when Mayweather “had to” come out of retirement to fight Ortiz, because well you know how Money May always excepts only the toughest challenges there are!…

Do you have any intel on how Antonio Margarito is looking in camp? I have a really hard time picking a winner here.

Was Margarito ever that good or was it the plaster? Even if he was, who has more left in the gas tank after careers of grueling fights? Also easy to overlook with all the controversy is Margarito simply just the bigger man (size wise of course)? Anyhow I’m sure we’ll get a good action bout…

Also, Dougie, I know you’re a busy family man, but I’m not letting you off the hook for SoCal Notebooks/Gym Notes, LOL. Really, I’d appreciate it if you sprinkle a few more in for 2012. Updates on Joe Goossen (haven’t heard much from him lately), Gennady Golovkin (could he be your next “son”), s__t anybody you deem worthy my friend. — Jesse, Fort Worth, Texas

You’re not the only longtime reader who’s bugged me about the Gym Notes column (thanks for making me feel like I’m in my seventies, by the way, LOL). I hear you guys and I appreciate the friendly “nudges.” I will try my best to write up at least one before the end of the year, and one of my main New Year’s resolutions will be to do at least two a month in 2012.

I definitely need to drop by Joe’s place in Van Nuys. Golovkin could very well be my next “son.” I have a few “kids,” including Ismayl Sillakh and Eloy Perez, that I’m expecting to make big moves in 2012. I hope “Superman” is one of them.

We will probably get another action bout with Cotto-Margarito II. I think Margarito has less in the tank than the Puerto Rican star, but as you’ve hunched, the Mexican mauler is bigger (and rangier). Margarito also has the style (steady pressure and volume punching) and technique (good infighting ability) to always push Cotto to his limits.

I know I’m in the minority with this opinion, but I’m not buying the Margarito-as-“career criminal” spiel. I think he was one of the top two or three welterweights in the world in the mid-2000s and he earned that status by facing at least seven RING-ranked 147 pounders, including Sebastian Lujan (22-1-1), Kermit Cintron (24-0), Joshua Clottey (30-1), Paul Williams (32-0), and of course, Cotto (32-0). Add those records up.

I got the same Deja-doo-doo feeling you did when Alvarez called out Mayweather after pummeling what’s left of Cintron on Saturday. I hope we’re wrong about this fight being in the works. I want to see even matchups at the highest level of the sport, and I don’t think I’m alone.

For Mayweather that means fighting Manny Pacquiao or Sergio Martinez. Fighting a 21-year-old beltholder who wasn’t even ranked last year is akin to child abuse.

For Alvarez that means fighting one or two of the top-five contenders to the WBC strap he holds, which includes Vanes Martirosyan and Pawel Wolak.  



I usually agree with you but this time i can’t. Not only does alvarez stand a chance with FMJ, he could beat him. Floyd’s power and chin dont convince me. And if canelo did lose it wouldn’t be by KO so who cares? He’s only 21, a loss now would be no big deal. I dont understand why everybody thinks the young guys cant hang with Floyd. The ortiz incident proved nothing about floyd’s ability since coming out of retirement, anybody can hit a man with his hands at his sides. A young guy like canelo can chase floyd when he starts to run away and not get tired. Thanks Doug. — nick, san diego

Call me old fashioned, Nick, but I think a young fighter should not only be 100% ready for the biggest fight of his life, but he should also have to earn the right to be in one of the highest-profile, big-money bouts of the year.

I don’t believe Alvarez has faced the kind of styles to prepare him for what Mayweather does in the ring, and I don’t think he’s fought the caliber of opposition to merit a jump from Floyd’s undercards (he’s been on two of ‘em so far) to the main event vs. the five-division titleholder.

I know Alvarez is popular. I know he can bring in the fans (to the arena and the pay-per-view buys), especially if the big fight is on Cinco de Mayo weekend. Boxing is a business and Canelo makes for a darn good B-side to Mayweather in terms of his earning power. However, boxing is also a sport. Promoters need to start treating it like one if they hope to cultivate real year-around followers of the sport and not just curious casual fans (i.e. “suckers“) who tune into one or two “big boxing events” a year.

I think Alvarez needs to prove himself in his own division before he tries to test himself against a pound-for-pound -evel fighter. 


What’s up, Dougie,

Canelo is definitely showing signs of improvement. Still, as for calling out Mayweather I would tell him, “Easy, tiger.” He’s not ready for Floyd yet. I hope his people don’t grant him his wish, they will regret it.

A fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. makes more sense. On Thanksgiving I was with family members who came from Mexico and that’s all they were talking about, Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. It would be a huge event among Mexicans which means it would sell big time. I wouldn’t even mind watching him against Alfredo Angulo now that I’ve seen that he can take a punch. That would be a good fight. James Kirkland is out there, too. Those would all be good fights, although I’m sure ‘Money’ is probably like, “This youngster wants to fight me? Let’s do it.” That’s what he does. I think he’s ready to take a step up in competition, but not a leap. What do you think, Dougie? –Miguel, LBC

I agree with you. This year has been a very good developmental period for Alvarez. He’s discovered a good training situation (Abel Sanchez’s Summit gym in Big Bear, Calif.), fought four times and he’s worked on adding wrinkles to his game, which we’ve seen in his last three bouts.

He’s ready to step up from the Ryan Rhodes and Alfonso Gomezes of the world, which means the badasses you mentioned: Kirkland and Angulo.

I don’t care to see Alvarez fight Chavez next year. Why is that? Well, I think both young men are still learning their craft and building their names/fan bases in the U.S. If they fought in 2012, it would indeed be a huge fight to Mexican fans. If they fought in 2013, it would be a huge fight for all boxing fans.

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