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Schaefer, Arum, spar over Mayweather-Pacquiao


Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer is incensed in the wake of news that Top Rank Inc. CEO Bob Arum is fielding offers from potential investment groups looking to stage the megabout between THE RING’s Nos. 1 and 2 pound-for-pound-rated fighters, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Schaefer also has taken issue with a related development reported by The New York Daily News, which claims the adviser of Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 knockouts), Michael Koncz, visited Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) during a light workout at the fighter’s Las Vegas-based gym last week. 

“We’ve been fielding proposals and we’re talking to people,” said Arum, who turns 80 on Dec. 8. “I’m sure that Floyd’s doing the same.”

RingTV.com also reported both situations.

Past negotions for the megabout between Mayweather, who is handled by Golden Boy Promotions, and Pacquiao, who is promoted by Top Rank Inc., twice failed over Mayweather’s insistence on Olympic-style drug testing.

“The boxing fans are really sick and tired about the lies of Bob Arum,” Schaefer told RingTV.com. “The fact is that yesterday he was lying, today he’s lying, and tomorrow, he will still be lying. Once a liar, always a liar.

“Now, he comes again with these bulls__t stories about negotiatiations and meetings taking place. Who the heck is he fooling?”

Pacquiao is coming off a controversial majority decision win over THE RING lightweight champ Juan Manuel Marquez in their third match on Nov. 12. 

Arum announced at the post-fight press conference the possibility of a fourth matchup against Marquez, whom Mayweather routed by unanimous decision in September of 2009.

Two days later, Schaefer told RingTV.com that he would likely seek another opponent for Mayweather, who is targeted to return on May 5 to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Schaefer cited an e-mail from retired federal judge Daniel Weinstein, the mediator who has worked closely with both sides to settle numerous lawsuits and issues in recent years, to indicate that Arum does not want to stage a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.


But Arum told RingTV.com that his reasoning has more to do with the fact that his busy schedule.

After Pacquiao-Marquez III, Arum moved directly into promoting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’s sixth-round TKO over Peter Manfredo Jr. in Houston on Nov. 19.

In addition, Arum was dealing with issues involving a rematch between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, the latter of whom was not licensed to face Cotto on Dec. 3 at New York’s Madison Square Garden until Nov. 23 — 12 days before the fight. 

“Everything has to wait until after the fight on Saturday,” Arum told RingTV.com. “All of our efforts and all of our energies are being devoted to the Cotto-Margarito fight, and that program, and there will be plenty of time after that fight is over to see where we are.

“We can’t do it this week. We can address it next week and see where we are. We’ll all be in New York promoting Cotto-Margarito, which is a really big fight, plus the card is very deep.”

Schaefer, however, is adamant in his belief that Arum simply does not want to make Mayweather-Pacquiao.

“Who is he trying to fool? The public, the fight fans, the fighters, the networks? Everybody is sick and tired of that lying snake,” said Schaefer.

“Everybody is sick and tired. Arum does not want to make the Pacquiao fight, so stop believing everything this guy says.”

Schaefer fired off six points he believes support his contention.

No. 1: “Arum knows damn well that Floyd and I and all of Floyd’s team has a great relationship. The facts are clear, and even though some of the writers are still drinking the Bob Arum Cool Aide, you should simply look at the facts. Arum went public saying that he wants to do a fourth fight with Marquez.”

No. 2: “We were informed by a retired federal judge that Arum is not interested at this time in pursuing a fight with Mayweather. Arum went on the record to say that neither he nor anyone else from Top Rank had ever talked to the judge, so is he saying that the retired federal judge is lying? I have an e-mail that will confirm it, and, with Bob’s approval, I will be happy to make it available to the media.”

No. 3: “He sends Michael Koncz to Mayweather’s gym to stir up some bulls__t such as that there are negotiations ongoing without Golden Boy, and that Mayweather is going solo. And all of that kind of bulls__t. He probably needs to do that because his fighter is starting to ask questions.”

No. 4: “Let’s be clear as to what is going on here. He wants to use Floyd as leverage to get a better deal for Marquez. You read the stories that Marquez wants $20 million, and for the fight not to take place in Las Vegas.

“Well, by creating stories that negotiations with Floyd are ongoing, he wants to see how fast Marquez will come to the table and be much more reasonable. That’s what is going on here.”

No. 5: “There is inner turmoil within Team Pacquiao. Justs read the recent interviews involving [Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach] Alex Ariza. I agree with Alex. I believe that Bob Arum would be well-served to be careful because the excuse of ‘Well he’s [Arum] 100 years old’ does not fly anymore. At this particular point, the phrase, ‘respect your elders’ does not apply to Bob Arum.

“I’m sick and tired of this guy. Bob is always trying to get people who he can not manipulate moved out of the way and so that he can do the in-house promotions. Did you ever wonder why? Is it because he does not want to work with us? Why is that? I could tell you some really, really juicy stuff, but for now, I’m going to bite my tongue.

“I can tell you why he’s doing the in-house promotions with Manny Pacquiao, but I’m going to leave that up to Manny Pacquiao to figure it out.”

No. 6: “And finally, he’s [Arum] giving interviews and stories are being written by guys who don’t even exist. Go and try to find Chris LaBate from BoxingScene.com. Good luck. To guys writing stories who don’t even exist? What the hell is going on?”

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