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Who wins Cotto-Margarito II? The experts decide

Norm Frauenheim, www.15rounds.com
Miguel Cotto KO 7 Antonio Margarito: Antonio Margarito’s surgically-repaired right eye is going to be a target, early and often. Miguel Cotto has said as much.

New York licensed Margarito, but that doesn’t mean the commission won’t be vigilant, more so than ever. At the first sight of swelling, blood or other damage, it’s over.

Robert Guerrero, THE RING’s No. 2-rated lightweight and five-time titlewinner

Antonio Margarito W 12 Miguel Cotto: Antonio Margarito will win because the pressure will get to Miguel Cotto.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo!Sports

Miguel Cotto W 12 Antonio Margarito:  I wrestled greatly with this pick and could see the fight going the other way. But I think Miguel Cotto is the better boxer and I believe he will have learned from the first fight.

It’s also hard to ignore the fact that in his last two significant fights, Antonio Margarito has taken a major pounding and failed to win a round in either. I could be wrong, but I sense that Cotto will turn this around.

Vaughn Jackson, trainer of unbeaten welterweight prospect Mike Jones

Miguel Cotto TKO 9 Antonio Margarito: I choose Cotto, because, No. 1, I think that Margarito definitely had something in his hands in that first fight.

I think that gave him the total advantage over Cotto. I had Cotto winning the first part of the fight until Cotto started to get caught with solid shots.

Cotto is the better boxer and he can punch very well, and I like Cotto to win that fight. Actually, I could see the referee stopping the fight in the later rounds, like, in the ninth.

Steve Kim, Maxboxing.com

Miguel Cotto W 12 Antonio Margarito: I like Miguel Cotto by decision. I think that he’s going to try his best to keep the fight in the center of the ring and to box.

And I’m not so sure what Antonio Margarito has left. Also, it will be very tough for Margarito to win a decision in that atmosphere.

Leon Lawson, trainer of supermiddleweight siblings Andre and Anthony Dirrell

Antonio Margarito KO 11 Miguel Cotto: I think that Antonio Margarito will enforce his will on him and make the whole fight uncomfortable for Miguel Cotto. I expect to crack toward the end like he did in the Manny Pacquiao fight.

I know that Margarito cheated in the first fight, and I don’t respect that. But I just think that will replay in Cotto’s head, even though they’re going to be in what is basically like Cotto’s hometown with them being in New York. That’s where there will be a lot of support from Cotto’s Puerto Rican fans.

But I just think that the first fight will replay in Cotto’s head. Also, as Margarito has stated, he’s willing to die in that ring, and Cotto’s said that he’s not. That, right there, that’s part of the fight being won.

Paulie Malignaggi, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Miguel Cotto UD 12 Antonio Margarito: No plaster. Miguel Cotto is the better fighter than Antonio Margarito.  He was, already, the first time they fought.


Ryan Maquiñana, BoxingScene/Comcast SportsNet

Miguel Cotto UD 12 Antonio Margarito: After the way the first fight between the two of them ended and the controversy that ensued regarding Antonio Margarito’s handwraps against Shane Mosley, you have to wonder if Miguel Cotto will actively seek his pound of flesh by slugging away, or if he’ll stay poised and outbox Margarito to a unanimous decision.

I think we’ll see the latter, with a faded Margarito coming forward throwing in his usual face-first style, only for him to land less frequently and meet counters from Cotto that will take their toll–especially on that surgically-repaired right eye of his. Cotto by unanimous decision over Margarito.

Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing.com, Leave-it-in-the-ring.com

Miguel Cotto UD 12 Antonio Margarito:  I am picking Miguel Cotto. I picked him the last time because I felt he has more ways to win. He can box and brawl. After seeing the first fight, I realize he only has one way to win. He has to box smart from the outside while not moving too much as he did the first time.

I think he will be able to do that with some scary moments in between. Antonio Margarito is past his due date. That was evident vs. Manny Pacquiao, and it will be evident here as well. Cotto by unanimous decision.

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