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RING No. 10-rated New Jersey junior middleweight Pawel Wolak (29-1-1, 19 KOs) and Dominican-born Delvin Rodriguez (25-5-3, 14 KOs) battled to a majority draw in July.

Wolak-Rodriguez I was a fan-favorite in which Wolak fought the entire second half of the fight while peering through severely cut and swollen eyes, the right side of his face marred by a softball-sized hematoma.

During his turn at the podium, Wolak did not mince words concering the sort of action he’s ready for.

“I’m ready to go, I feel great,” said Wolak. “F__it, lets fight.”


The action will be there no doubt for Wolak-Rodriquez II.

Veteran trainer Tommy Brooks, who will work Wolak’s corner alongside Aroz Gist, promised, “there will be blood.”

But Books also said that this go-round will be different from the standpoint of Wolak’s approach to the fight.

“The biggest thing is not standing right in front of Delvin. Give him some movement, give him some head movement. Pawel is a throwback to the old school, you know, like the Rock-em, Sock-em Robots — you hit me and I’m going to take it and hit you back,” said Brooks.

“That’s what we need. We don’t need that. So we made some adjustments. We’ve got him stepping around and not standing right in front of the kid. And then, we’ll go from there.”

Wolak is taking his unbeaten streak of 8-0-1, including five knockouts into the clash. 

“This is the biggest step in my career. This means so much to me. I want to prove myself to my fans that I can fight. I’m very well prepared. We had a long camp. I want to get past this and fight bigger and bigger fights. If we beat him convincingly, there are a lot of options for me,” said Wolak.

“The 154-pound division is wide open. If I stick to my gameplan and do what I’ve been doing in sparring and in training, this should be a very good fight for me. I had a full 10 weeks and we had sparring partners set exactly for his style. I’m ready. I’m on weight already. All the hard work is done.”

Although Brooks promised that Wolak will be more polished, he also insisted that fans “be there, be on time.”

“If you think that you got your money’s worth the last time,” said Brooks, “be there this time.”alt


Cotto-Margarito II’s off-television card will feature junior middleweight Glen Tapia (11-0, 5 KOs) of Passaic, N.J.,   as well as Puerto Rican fighters Braulio Santos (4-0, 4 KOs) at featherweight and Samuel Figueroa (1-0, 1 KO) at welterweight.

Tapia will take on Mike Ruiz (15-7, 7 KOs) of New York, Santos has Tommy Garcia (3-3, 2 KOs) of Hartford, Conn., and Figuroa, Ltwon Halsey (0-0-1), of Newark, N.J.

Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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