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Cotto-Margarito: Live round-by-round updates


NEW YORK — RingTV.com will have a live, blog round-by-round update of Saturday night’s HBO Pay Per View-televised clash between RING No. 1-rated junior middlweigth and WBA beltholder Miguel Cotto and ex-title holder Antonio Margarito.

The main event should begin a little after 11:30 p.m. ET. (8:30 p.m. PT). Check out the Cotto-Margarito undercard updates as well. 


Judges: Julie Lederman, Steve Weisfeld, John Poturaj.

Referee: Steve Smoger


Round 1:Cotto dominates the round with crisp left-right, left combinations and a nice upjab. His movement clearly has Margarito chasing and running into shots. His turning motion has Margarito runnning into uppercuts and righgt hands. Cotto, 10-9.

Round 2: It is more of the same beautiful boxing from Cotto in the second round, with Margarito unable to lay a glove on his adversary. Cotto continually nails Margarito with crisp lefts and rights and dances away, to the delight of his partisan fans. Cotto, 10-9, Cotto, 20-18.

Round 3: Margarito has his best round at that point when Cotto chose to stand and trade, nailing his rival with hard body shots and an overhand right toward the end. Cotto came back with a left, but Margarito closed very strong to take it. Margarito, 10-9; Cotto, 29-27.

Round 4:  Cotto delivers a hard left right to the head, but Margarito shakes his head to tell him that he wasn’t hurt. Margarito trapped Cotto briefly on the ropes. But Cotto excapes with a left and a right and moves away. Cotto clinches after absorbing a right. Margarito sells out on the body over the final part of the round, but Cotto won’t give in, coming over the top with a hard right hand. Margarito begins to settle in behind his jab, but Cotto comes back with a right hand over the top. Cotto, 10-9; Cotto, 39-36.

Round 5: Cotto continues to have the advantage, but Margarito is closing in. Cotto does not like the body shots, and Margarito is intent on getting there even if it means taking punishment. Cotto lands a flat-footed left, right and left  combination. Margarito is undetered and appears to be closing the gap. A left hook  knocks Margarito off balance. A hard right stops Cotto in his tracks and is followd by a body shot. Margarito jabs and measures Cotto on the ropes breifly and pockets another round., Margarito, 10-9; Cotto, 49-47.

Round 6: Cotto has the early advantage again before being trapped on the ropes and club with a five-punch volley to the body. During a clinch, Margarito continues to pound away with his right hand. A right and a left stops Margarito in  his tracks, but he grins and keeps coming. The body attack has Cotto standing his ground more. Cotto cactches Margarito and he stumbles. But Margarito comes up the middle with a nice uppercut before Cotto closes with a combination. Margarito, 10-9; Cotto, 58-56.

Round 7: The crowd is trying to get behind Cotto, who is hurt by a right uppercut along the ropes.Cotto continues to out-punch Margarito, but Margarito still is relentless. A hard left backs up Margarito, whose right eye is closing from the contined left hooks. A triple jab from Cotto give him room to move away. Margarito’s eye is puffing to the point where it is becoming a problem. Cotto turns Margarito to the ropes and pounds to the head and body and then dances away. Later, he bulls Margarito to the ropes. Cotto drives home a right hand after the bell. Message round. Cotto, 10-9; Cotto, 69-65.

Round 8: It’s getting to be target practice for Cotto with the jab. He’s confident and it shows. Margarito simply can’t see out of the right eye, and Cotto continues to circle to that side and drive home the left hook. During a brief clinch, Margrito pounds the right hand to the body. Fight’s stopped briefly as the tape on Cotto’s left glove is repaired. Margarito goes back to jabbing, but Cotto drives home a left-right combination and dances away. Later, he stears Margarito by cupping him behind the head with his left hand and is warned. Later, he delivers another right and a left and the crowd cheers again. Cotto drives Margarito to the ropes and beats him to the punch. A hard right and a left with 10 seconds left appears to wobble Margarito. Cotto is simply giving him a boxing lesson. Cotto, 10-9; Cotto, 79-74.

Round 9:Doctor’s check Margarito’s right eye, causing a stir in the crowd and a delay in the start of the round. When the fight rumes, so does Cotto’s brilliance. Cotto beats Margarito to the punch and also has enough strength to push him backward during clinches. Margarito has some success to the body, yet again, but can’t follow it up. Cotto holds at times when Margarito tries to close the gap, offsetting his momentum. Cotto stands his ground and trades and actually wins an exchange with Margarito. A hard jab knocks Margarito’s head backward. Another does the same. Cotto’s strength rival’s Margarito’s, and it shows. Cotto, 10-9; Cotto, 89-83.


Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.


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