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Cotto-Margarito II: Live round-by-round undercard updates

NEW YORK — RingTV.com will have a live, blog round-by-round update of Saturday night’s HBO Pay Per View-televised undercard of the main event between RING No. 1-rated junior middlweigth and WBA beltholder Miguel Cotto and ex-title holder Antonio Margarito.

The undercard begins at around 9 p.m. ET. (6 p.m. PT). Check out the Cotto-Margarito main event  update as well. 


RING No. 1-rated lightweight Brandon Rios (28-0-1, 21 KOs) versus RING No. 8-rated Johnny Murray (31-1, 18 KOs), 12 rounds (Murray can win the WBA’s vacant belt).


Referee: Earl Brown

Round 1: Rios came forward jabbing. Murray circled, but not out of harm’s way. Rios digs to the body and the head, but Murray answers. Rios’ punches are reaching more effectively up the middle. Right and left uppercuts. Murraty’s left to the thigh causes Rios to shake his right leg. Murray takes a left hook. Rios triples up on the left hand, all to the head. Rios wins the inside exchanges with wicked shots to the head, but Murray crowds and won’t back off, firing blows of his own. Rios’ landed the cleaner punches. Rios, 10-9.

Round 2: Murray leaps in and lands two left hooks to start the round. Rios calms himself and fires the jab to back up Murray. Rios digs two lefts to the head. Murray shoulders him back and fires a left, right, left to the head. Murray backs Rios to the ropes and lands to the head. Murray pressures and lands effectively, but Rios answers with three, short left uppercuts up the middle. Murray swivel’s Rios head, but Rios digs four shots to the body, starting with his left. Rios swivel’s Murray’s head with a left and fires five more shots to the head. Murray closes with a left-right just before the bell. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 20-18.

Round 3: The pace contues as the fithers trade in the center of the ring. Murray won’t back up until Rios stand up and fires three straight jabs. Murray clips Rios with a nice right, but Rios closes in and they fire away at close range. Rios appears to hurt Murray with a right and a left. Murray covers up, but Rios gets there with a five-punch combination up the middle. Later, Murray does the same before Rios backs him off with a hard right. Rios smiles. Murray gets off a four-punch combination before the bell. He’s not going anywhere yet. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 30-27.

Round 4: The meet in the center of the ring, yet again. Rios drives a right hand to Murray’s face. Murray comes back with a five-punch volley beginning with a right to the body and including two shots to the head. Murray is busier over the next 20 seconds or so, but Rios answers with a three-punch flurry starting with his left. Murray lands an right-left, but then, Rios forces him to the ropes with and pounds away. Murray gets off and comes back with his own series of punches. The fighters trade to the bell, with Murray appearing to have his best round thus far. Murray, 10-9; Rios, 39-37.

Round 5: Murray picks up where he left off, this time, forcing the action and firing both hands. Rios comes back with lefts and rights up the middle, but Murray shoulders him off and doubles up on the right hand to the body and the head. Rios backs off and jabs but takes a lead right to the head. During a clinch, rios pounds a left to the body. Murray seems the fresher of the two, his hands held high, and Rios’ mouth occasionally remaining agape. Murray won the final flurry, but Rios ended with a left hook that shook Murray. Murray, 10-9; Rios, 48-47.

Round 6: Rios opens the round with two, nice right uppercuts up the middle. Another right appears to hurt Murray, who retreats behind Rios’ power. Rios digs two left uppercuts on Murray and then a right in the corner of the ring. Rios continues to pound and get off first, but Murray lnds a left and a right. Rios busts open Murray’s nose and his face becomes a mask of crimson. Rios presses his advantage with wicked rights and left and body shots. A nine-punch volley closes the round for Rios. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 58-56.

Round 7: Murray starts the round in retreat, firing a jab to try to keep Rios off him. But Rios smells blood, crowds and digs to the body with his left before bringing it topside. Murray comes back with two rights and a left. But Rios answers with a lead right and a hard jab. The face opens up again. Murray fights bravely, driving Rios to the ropes with a couple of left hooks. Murray fires a left below the belt and gets a point deduction from referee Dave Fields. That’s huge for Rios. Rios round, 10-8; Rios, 68-64.

Round 8: Rios turns the round again with four lefts, two rights, a left and then a head-swiveling right hand that jars Murray. Murray’s eyes have swelling around both of them. Pinned on the ropes, Murray absorbes several crisp left and right uppercuts. He escapes to answer with a left-right, left combination. By round’s end, Murray, who battled bravely to the end of the session, appears to be scarcely able to see from either eye. The swelling is that bad. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 78-73.

Round 9: Incredibly, Murray dictates the early action before being forced to retreat from Rios’ power. Murray, nevertheless, lands some effective counters, at one point, driving Rios back. Rios digs three right hands to the jaw of Murray, who comes back with a crisp, four-punch combination. Bur Rios shakes Murray with a right, and then a hard left and a followup right. Rios lands the cleaner shots over the final 10 seconds before the bell. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 88-82.

Round 10: Rios begins the round in Murray’s face, pounding his body and head along the ropes. In the center of the ring, the situation is the same. Murray still is gamely trying to maintain the intencity, his eyes virtually shut. Rios lands three jabs and then a right over the top. They clinch. Rios drives an up-jab home. Rios nails Murray with six unanswered blows, all to the head. Murray comes back with a left uppercut. Rios is non-stop with his power shots from both hands over a 20-second stretch of the round. Just before the bell, Rios delivers a right and a left. Murray slumps on his stool as the round ends. Rios, 10-9; Rios, 98-91.

Round 11: Rios continues to plow forward, early on, behind his jab. A four-pounch combination from Rios begins with a lead right. Murray has little steam on his punches. He simply is absorbing punishment. Members of the ringside media are calling for the fight to be stopped. Rios shakes Murray with a hard left hook. Finally, Rios makes the referee’s decision easy, a wicked series of left and right uppercuts driving Murray to the ropes and bobbling his head as referee Earl Brown steps in, protecs Murray and waves an end to the bout. 




RING No. 10-rated junior middleweight Pawel Wolak (19-1-1, 19 KOs) versus Delvin Rodriguez (25-5-3, 14 KOs), 10 rounds.

RingTV.com had it for Rodriguez, 96-93.

Judges: 98-91; 98-92, 100-90, all for Rodriguez.

Referee: Dave Fields

Round 1: Rodrigez begins in retreat but firing a nice jab. Wolak lands a nice left-right-left right combintion. Rodriguez continues to fire his hard pressure jab. Wolak lands a right to the body, but Rodriguez is in control. Rodriguez dig a left to the body. Rodriguez is fighting out of a crouch. The fighters trade right hands. Wolak continues to bull in. Wolak lands a right to the head and two more to the body.  Rodriguez, 10-9.

Round 2: Rodriguez lands an early left uppercut, but Wolak traps him on the ropes and works him to the body and the head over the course of four punches. Wolak gets inside with a couple of short left hands. The pace slows a bit. Wolak lands a left to the body and then a right. Wolak appears to be cut over the left eye. Rodriguez appears to be targeting the left eye with his right hand, landing twice. Rodriguez fires and lands a nice right uppercut and a left and then another right. Wolak acknowledges him at the bell. Rodrguez, 10-9; Rodriguez, 20-18.

Round 3: Rodriguez continues to fight our of a crouch and to be busier. Wolak lands a left hook and then an up-jab. On the ropes, briefuly, Wolak clubs with a right but then in the center, takes a right and three jab and then two rioght uppercuts. Rodriguez times a right cross. Boxing well. Rodriguez fires two left hands around a right all up the middle and moves away. Rodriguez has a clear advantage and is busier. Rodriguez measures and lands a thudding right. A four-punch combination by Rodriguez lands. Wolak can’t seem to solve Rodriguez, who wins an exchange at the bell. Rodriguez, 10-9; Rodriguez, 30-27.

Round 4:Rodriguez remains in command, holding off Wolak with his left elbow and pounding away inside with his right uppercut and crosses. Wolak clubs away to the midsection, but Rodriguez appears undeterred, continuing to wack Wolak to the head and body. A left-right combination by Rodriguez swivels Wolak’s head. Wolak is being pummeled with rights and lefts up the middle. the crowd reacts. His left eye worsens. Rodriquez hammers with his right and an occasional left. Wolak lands a four-pounch combination as they remain toe-to-toe. Wolak doubles up on a left hook. Wolak close with a three-punch combination as the fight heats up. Rodriguez, 10-9; Rodriguez, 40-36.

Round 5: Wolak lands a hard right but Rodriguez holds and then answers with a three-punch combination. Wolak lands three blows to the body, but catches a hard right and then another. Two and then three hard rights land for Rodriguez, with an occasional counter from a forward-moving Wolak. Wolak drills home a left and then a right. Rodriguez felt the punches. Wolak fires an up-jab in side. Rodrigues comes back with a right and a left. Wolak chases with two right hands, the first, a grazing shot, the second, more solid as the round ends. Wolak, 10-9; Rodriguez, 49-46.

Round 6: Rodriguez goes back to the pattern of retreating slightly and landing as Wolak moves forward. Rodriguez pounds home three right hands and then a left to the body. A three-punch combination backs up Wolak, but not for long. Wolak lands two nice up-jabs. Another and forces Rodriguez to the ropes. Wolak rakes a left to the body and traps Rodriguez in his own corner for more punishment. Rodriguez lands an overhand right and then a left on an offbalance Wolak on the ropes. Wolak closes strong with a right, left-right combination. Wolak 10-9; Rodriguez, 58-56.

Round 7: Referee Smoger Fields has Wolak’s eyes are checked by a ring doctor, and that seems to get him riled up. Wolak attacks with both hands and has Rodriguez retreating or holding more often. Wolak pounds on the inside, but takes a nice right hand from Rodriguez. Wolak lands a nice right hand to the body and takes a right. Wolak continues to be effective as the aggressor, firing with either hand. Wolak, 10-9; Rodriguez, 67-66.

Round 8: Rodriguez wins the eighth on the strength of his uppercuts and right hands, firing and countering off Wolak’s inside aggression and sweeping home three-punch combinations down the stretch. Wolak’s eyes had been checked early on at the suggestion of referee Dave Fields. Rodriguez, 10-9; Rodriguez, 77-75

Round 9: Rodriguez continued to try to keep Wolak off, but Wolak would not have it, continuing to fire around Rodriguez’s guard. Wolak’s pressure may have won him the round, his shots to the body and head forcing Rodriguez to cover up on occasion. Wolak, 10-9; Rodriguez, 86-85.

Round 10: Rodriguez countered Wolak’s early body attack with shots to the head, with one sequence going unanswered for about six punches. Another sequence of four was later answered by an uppecut from Wolak, but rodriguez close with an increbible burse of about 17 unanswered punches of hooks, right uppercuts and shots that wobbled Wolak. Rodriguez again fired about 10 more shots at Wolak on the ropes, and then, a series of about seven more. Over the final 20 seconds of the fight, Wolak did well just to remain on his feet. Rodriguez, 10-8; Rodriguez, 96-93.

RingTV.com has it for Rodriguez, 96-93.



RING No. 8-rated welterweight Mike Jones (25-0, 19 KOs) versus Sebastian Lujan (38-5-2, 24 KOs), 12 rounds for the No. 1 spot in the IBF’s ratings and the right to face IBF No. 2-rated Randall Bailey (42-7, 36 KOs) for the organization’s belt that was recently vacated by Andre Berto (28-1, 22 KOs).

RingTV.com has it 118-110 for Jones.

Scores are 118-110, 119-109, 119-109, all for Jones.

Referee: Willis Cotton.

Round 1: Jones circles and jabs and is on his toes. Jones stops and digs a right hand to the body and then a left to the head. He circles away. Then he stands his ground as Lujan backs off. Lujan is short with a combination and takes a grazing right. Jones lands a left to the body and two short jabs, followed by a left to the body. Jones wins an exchange on the ropes. Six-punch combination lands to the head and body fo rJones. Good boxing. Four nice jabs and Jones is in control. A hard right by Jones stuns Lujan, who stumbles back. Three looping rights by Jones thud off Lujan’s head. Nice round for Jones. Jones, 10-9.

Round 2: An early left hook by Jones draws a reaction from the crowd. Jones lands two hard left hooks along the ropes. Looks good and in control. Lujan dances away, the shorter man at 5-foot-6 to Jones’ nearly 6-foot-1. Lujan is having trouble with Jones’ range and is being kept at bay by his jab. Jones moves forward behind the jab, looking to land the right, which he does twice, squarely, along the ropes as the crowd reacts. Lujan has no answer thus far. Jones digs two left hooks to the belly. A right and a left to the body by Jones. Jones is blocking Lujan’s blows. Jones lands a left and a right before the bell. Jones, 10-9; Jones 20-18.

Round 3: Lujan comes out bulling in with a sense of urgency but with little success. Jones paries his attack and goes back to sticking and moving. Jones blocks a left hook and comes back with two jabs, and then two more. Lujan is bobbing and weaving but not throwing, while Jones continues to come forward, jab and time him for the right hand. Jones appears to be in complete control of Lujan during a short stretch along the ropes. Crowd boos Lujan’s inactivity. Jones fires and lands a hard right hand and triples up on his jab. They exchange at the bell, with Jones getting the better of it. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 30-27.

Round 4: Jones is clearly stronger and has little trouble staying out of Lujan’s range if he chooses, but occasionally stands and fights. Lujan dictates an early pace by coming forward and firing at the body and the head with both hands, but Jones continues to box and jab down the middle, occasionally bringing both hands high around his hears. Lujan drops his hands and comes forward with a decent four-punch combination to the head and shoulders. Jones stuns him with a right, but Lujan keeps coming. Jones digs an uppercut. Lujan continues to fire away and land occasionally. Lujan appears to have had the edge in the round. Lujan, 10-9; Jones, 39-37.

Round 5: Jones appears ready to engage more early, but then goes back to boxing. Jones lands a hard right and Lujan gives ground. Jones contiinues to fire up the middle as Lujan fires wide. Lujan lands a decent right to the head, and Jones answers with a three-punch volley up the middle. Jones lands four jabs and Lujan backs up. Jones lands a hard right to the body and chases Lujan to the ropes and jabs away. Nice right uppercut by Jones. Another by Jones. Jones’ jab leads to a four-punch combination that backs up Lujan. Jones lands a four-punch combination and then shoulders Lujan off him. Jones lands a double-left hook and two rights. Lujan hakes his head to indicate that he’s unhurt. Jones ends the round with a three-punch combination. Jones, 10-9; Jones 49-46.

Round 6: Lujan baks off again early after taking five jabs, and Jones misses with a wild right hand. Jones lands a long right hand. Jones digs a right hand to the head from in close. Jones lands three jabs and takes a left to the belly. A left uppercut lands for Jones, but Lujan keeps coming. Jones chaes Lujan with a series of jabs, and then gives ground as Lujan pressures with a series of wild punches. Jones times a night right hand as the crowd reacts. Jones triples up on the left hook and wins an exchange at the bell. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 59-55.

Round 7: Lujan pressure early with shots by both hands to the body. Jones covers up and then goes back to jabbing and moving. Jones counters with a nice right and backs off. Nice left hook that smacks off Lujan’s bald head. Lujan continues to move forward, hands at his side and swiinging wildly but sometimes with effect. Jones’ jab is landing but Lujan is unyielding. Nice uppercut by Jones, who is busier. Lujan lands a left hook but it does not carry too much steam. Nice left-right by Jones at the bell. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 69-64.

Round 8: Lujan lands four early lefts and rights to either side of Jones’ head. The pattern continues with Lujan, hands at his side, moving forward and throwing wide, looping blows with occasional success. Jones goes back to jabbing and trying to load up on the right. They trade right hands, with Jones’ appearing to carry more power, but Lujan won’t back off. Jones punctuates an exchange with a right hand. Jones lands a head-swiveling right that wins the round just before the bell. Close round, edge goes to Jones. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 79-73.

Round 9: Lujan crowds and lands a short left hook that clips Jones. Jones backs off Lujan with a jab. Three more jabs and then three after that from Jones, who misses with a right. Jones lands to the body and the head with right hands that back up Lujan. Four-punch combination to the body from Jones, who takes a right. Jones wins an exchange but then takes a right that catches his attention. Jones jabs, blocks several blows with his elbows, and comes up the middle with a decent volley. Another round that is hard to score, but Jones lands the cleaner, more decisive blows for the edge. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 89-82.

Round 10: Lujan presure and fires and has Jones backing up with his activity. Jones clinches and pounds the right side of Lujan with his left. Lujan continues to be active and fire away, landing, but not necessarily hard shots. they are enough to make Jones cover up. Lujan’s activity has him winning the round, although his blows are not of high potency. Lujan clips Jones with a short left and contiinues to plow ahead. Lujan lands a left, but Jones closes with three solid punches before the bell. Lujan, 10-9; Jones, 98-92.

Round 11: Nice short left hook by Jones to start the round. Lujan still comes forward and takes a right but handles it. Four nice jabs by Jones, but Lujan continues to wing around them. Jones triples up on a left hook. Lujan is warned for leading with the head. Jones lands a four-punch combination inside and then a two-punch combo highlighted by a nice left uppercut. Another uppercut shakes Lujan and gets a reaction from the crowd. Lujan backs off. Jones rocks Lujan along the ropes with a three-punch volley to the head and closes the round with about 10 punches to the body with his head buried in Lujan’s chest. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 108-101.

Round 12: Jones jabs Lujan to the ropes and loads up on two rights to the head and another to the body before Lujan escapes. Jones jabs and lands a right and then a left uppercut. Jones goes back on his toes briefly with two jabs and a right. Hard right by Jones sends Lujan to a neutral corner briefly. Hard jab swivels Lujan’s head. Lujan is inactive and takes a nice right to the jaw. Jones lands a hard right to the head. Jones closes with a five-punch combination on Lujan in a neutral corner. Jones, 10-9; Jones, 118-110.

RingTV.com has it 118-110 for Jones.

Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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