Michael Rosenthal

Round-by-round analysis of Mares-Agbeko

Rd. 1: Good round. Both fighters were active. I thought Agbeko was more aggressive and a bit more effective. No low blows. 10-9 A.

Rd. 2: Mares cut above right eye; from head butt? Mares won the round, fighting well defensively and landing combos. 10-9 M

Apparently the cut resulted from a punch.

Rd. 3: Close round. Mares was aggressive early but waited late in the round. I think he did slightly more than Agbeko. 10-9 M

Rd. 4: Good round for Mares, who is beating Agbeko to the punch. Mares boxed beautifully, was effectively aggressive. 10-9 M

Rd. 5. Mares isn’t winning these rounds by much but he’s in control. He landed the more-eye-catching punches; big one at end. 10-9 M

Rd. 6: This is evolving into a fine performance by Mares, who is boxing well but also landing big punches. Mares lands low blow. 10-9 M

Rd. 7: Mares continues to neutralize Agbeko but didn’t throw a lot of punches. Still, I think Mares controlled the round. 10-9 M

Rd. 8: Agbeko controlled the action early; Mares late. The blood seemed to bother Mares that round. 10-9 A

Rd. 9. Good round for Mares; more effective aggression. This is Mares’ fight to lose. 10-9 M

Rd. 10: Close round. Agbeko landed some nice jabs but Mares landed more power punches, giving him the round. 10-9 M

Rd. 11: Wow! Mares landed some monster shots toward the end. Clearly won the round. All while bleeding. 10-9 M

Rd. 12: Not sure what Abeko was thinking by fighting cautiously. Mares won the round to win the fight going away. Fine, fine perfomance.

My score: 118-110 Mares

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