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Roach talks Khan-Peterson, Mayweather-Pacquiao


RingTV.com: Didn’t you work the mits with Peterson at some point?

FR: I did have the opportunity to work with mits with Lamont at the Olympic training center, and Barry looked over at me and he just smiled.

Because I don’t think he expected that I would get the chance to work with Lamont Peterson. Two days later, though, they signed to fight each other. That’s the way that it happened.

I learned a little bit about Lamont Peterson and I felt how strong he is in the middle and that he likes to fight in the pocket and we’re working on not staying in those situations that much.

RingTV.com: Do you want to see a fourth fight with Marquez or a fight with Mayweather for Pacquiao?

FR: Well, I want to see Mayweather for Pacquiao, of course. And obviously, I want to see Canelo for Chavez. I think that those are the two, biggest fights in the world today.

I think that the people want to see those fights. I think that we need to give the people what they want.

RingTV.com: What would you say about those fights to Richard Schaefer and Bob Arum if you had them in a room together?

FR: I would just say, “Get it done,” you know? The thing is, this is not personal. This is business. I hate when personal feelings get brought into the equation.

It’s stupid. The thing is that Bob Arum and Don King didn’t always get along, but they did business, you know? They made it happen.

There’s no reason that they shouldn’t be able to make it happen. They’re two adults and they’re both logical people and they should give the people what the people want.



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