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Issue 1: Miguel Cotto got a gift: an early Christmas present from NSAC. I have never seen such a premature stoppage in a title fight. If we go back to 1994 when both of Big George Foreman’s eyes were nearly closed shut and in the 10th round he took out Michael Moore with a two-piece and a biscuit to quote Mayweather.

Issue 2: DC in the house: I see the Lamont Peterson vs Amir Khan fight going back and forth and Khan walking away with a split decision or the fight being called a majority draw, and I think Peterson will gain much respect in this fight. I hate to say it but I have to say it anyway, I think that Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson no longer want to fight each other and I think the public no longer wants to see this fight.

Issue 3: James Kirkland vs Sergio Martinez: Kirkland would KO Martinez via a trip to the canvas.

Thanks Dougie…Happy Holidays……– Thomas, Finland

Issue 1: I won’t go so far as to say that Cotto got a “gift,” but I agree that the stoppage was premature. Margarito was not getting battered, and although he was certainly down on the scorecards, he was still in the fight and landing his share of punches right up through the ninth round.

Issue 2: Why do you hate to say that Hopkins and Sawson don’t want to fight and that fans don’t want to see them fight? It’s the truth. I also agree that Peterson will extend Khan the full 12 in a competitive fight. I think Khan’s lateral movement and superior hand speed and actiivity will be the difference and the UK star will retain his WBA and IBF title via close UD.

Issue 3: You have been drinking WAY too much rum and eggnog, my Finnish friend.  


Another potential fighter of the year, Giovani Segura. If he beats Brian Viloria this weekend, he’ll have beaten two top notch fighters, Calderon and Viloria. I think these smaller guys are being over looked by the bigger ones. – Tyler

You are absolutely right, Tyler. If Segura is able to defeat Viloria in impressive fashion in the Philippines, I think he’s had a good enough year – scoring a third-round KO of Ivan Calderon in their reamtch, a first-round KO of a jr. bantam journeyman, and then winning his third major belt in his second weight class – to deserve Fighter of the Year consideration in a year when there is no strong candidate.

I think the Andre Ward-Carl Froch winner, Brandon Rios, Jorge Arce and Segura, if he beats Viloria, are the FOTY front-runners for 2011. Come to think of it, if Khan can decisively beat Peterson, he’s had pretty strong year.


Hi Dougie,
What’s up, just want to say what a good job you have been doing on the mailbag. I have been a long time follower. In fact back in your Maxboxing days it was your mailbag that kept me hooked to the site as much as any updates on current boxing events. 

I got a very small thought regarding the Miguel Cotto V Antonio Margarito fight. It went exactly as I expected and it was obvious Cotto had learned from the previous fight.

Now everyone it talking about where Cotto goes from here, but nobody has said anything about Margarito’s future. A lot of people are even saying that he is finished. But I just thought to myself, “How about a Margarito Vs Ricardo Mayorga match up?” Two tough Latino fighters, both with losses to Cotto and Mosley, both like to play the “bad guy,” both guys careers are kinda downward.

What are your thoughts on such a match up and how do you see it going?? Do you think it could realistically happen? — Anu, United Kingdom

I do think  it could happen because it’s one of the few fights – perhaps the only one — for Margarito that could potentially be sold as a pay-per-view event. Margarito could fight on for another year or two by serving as a stepping stone for young junior middleweight standouts and up-and-comers, such as Saul Alvarez, Kirkland, Vanes Martirosyan, Erislandy Lara, and Austin Trout, and all of those matchups would be welcomed on HBO or Showtime with a decent pay check included for the “TJ Tornado.”

However, none of those matchups, except for maybe the “Canelo” showdown, could be really promoted as big event. Margarito-Mayorga would attract a lot of fan and media attention and would probably sell a lot of tickets and PPV buys. Both guys have been on the wold-class scene for about 10 years and they’ve faced just about every notable welterweight (save for you know who) of the past decade.

I remember clear as day the night Mayorga axed the late Vernon Forrest to unify the WBA and WBC welterweight belts in January of 2003. Margarito sat with his co-managers directly in front of Don King during the post-fight press conference. When media questions moved to who Mayorga would face next, somebody yelled out “Margarito!”, prompting King to recognize the still underground WBO titleholder in front of him. “I know who you are, Margarito,” he said. “You’re good fighter, but you’re with the wrong promoter, brotha! Viva Nicaragua!”

Well, these days, Arum and King have no problem doing business together, and what else can they do with their two warhorses? They might as well have them do battle before putting them out to pasture.

I favored Mayorga over Margarito in 2003 and 2004. I thought his superior speed and power, awkward style and sneaky overhand rights (and upperucts) would stop Margz by the middle rounds. But I favored Margarito from 2005 to 2008. I thought the Mexican’s greater conditioning, more consistent offense, constant pressure and body attack would wear the Nicaraguan down to a late stoppage. I have no idea who would win in 2012, but with their styles and ring mentalitites I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be a good scrap. 

Thanks for the kind words about my MaxBoxing days, Anu.   


Dougie how the hell can you keep insisting Margarito didn’t cheat the first time against Cotto??????

I am not going to sit here and analyze it to death but it bothers me you are letting your pride get in the way of seeing something objective. I used to read you back on Maxboxing and you were so very high on Maragarito…  since you get most of your boxing picks wrong I guess you don’t want to admit you were wrong about something else do you???

Use some common sense Dougie… you think Margarito would only try to cheat against Shane Mosley… an older veteran whom he was favored against?????????

Unreal you are… be a man and admit you were wrong about Margarito’s ability… Mayweather proved smart in the end not fighting him cause he’s a cheater and has a ruined image forever! I bet that pisses you off too.

Now GFY DOUGIE! – El Diego

It doesn’t piss me off that Mayweather never fought Margarito. It’s just another indication of how formidable the Mexican was and how careful Mayweather was during the mid-2000s. You and others can say that Margarito is s__t and try to discredit his entire pro career all you want, but I was there – ringside – for most of it, and I was around for many of his major training camps, and I just don’t think it’s possible that he was illegally wrapping his hands all that time.

You can call it pride all you want. Maybe it is, but it’s the way I see it. I’m not going to lie to you or anyone else. I’m not going to go along with what most of the other boxing writers say or write about Margarito just to avoid criticism from fans who hate him.

Go ahead and discredit my picks on major fights all you want (as if you’ve got any record to speak of). Here’s the bottom line: I know what I know from 15 years of covering Margarito. (Yeah, that’s right. Guess who headlined the first boxing card I covered for a news publication, The L.A. Sentinel, in 1996? It was a young Margarito, who lost to Rodney Jones.) I’ve got insight that you and many of my peers LACK. And from what I know and what I’ve SEEN, first hand, of Margarito over the years, I believe him when he says he didn’t know his former trainer Javier Capetillo inserted that old gauze into his wraps before the Mosley fight, and I DON’T believe that he had illegal wraps or loaded gloves for the first Cotto fight.

You can’t present any proof or even a solid argument that Margarito did load his gloves for Cotto and your outrage seems hollow to me since you obviously purchased the PPV show for the Cotto-Margarito rematch, which only served to line the pockets of “the criminal” and his chief enabler, Bob Arum.   

Does this opinon piss you off? Good!

Who the hell are you to tell me that I was “wrong about Margarito’s ability?” What the f__k do you know about boxing ability? About boxing in general? And how exactly was I wrong about Margarito? I don’t recall calling him the next Julio Cesar Chavez. He was what he was, a tough S.O.B. who was willing to fight the best fighters in his division. He took on more RING-rated contenders than any other welterweight during the past decade. I respected that. And I’m proud that I, along with Steve Kim and a few other internet scribes who didn’t have their noses glued to Floyd’s asscrack, was among the few boxing writers who gave Margarito the credit he deserved during his prime years between 2005-2008.

My respect did not occur over night. Margarito had to beat top-10 contender after top-10 contender – Antonio Diaz, Danny Perez, Six-Heads Lewis, Sebastian Lujan, Kermit Cintron – before I really began to give him his props. He didn’t always win. He lost to Daniel Santos (at 154 pounds) and to Paul Williams. He struggled with Joshua Clottey. I thought Margarito would lose to Cotto, who was 32-0 (just like Williams was). But s__t, man, at least he fought these guys! He behaved more like a champ than THE RING champs at the time – the late Vernon Forrest, Ricardo Mayorga, Cory Spinks, Zab judah, Carlos Baldomir or your favortie businessman, Floyd Mayweather – none of whom wanted any part of Margarito.

Go ahed and say “Oh, well they were right to avoid him because he was cheater all along.” That’s bulls__t revisionist history and you know it.

That’s fine if you think I’m being “unreal.” It’s OK if you don’t think I’m “manning up.”

I don’t think you’re “manning up.” If you were, you’d admit that your hate for Margarito exsited before the Molsey incident. You’d admit that you’ve had a hardon for him ever since Mayweather refused to fight him.

If you were being “real” you wouldn’t give me that tired-ass “I used to read you on” line. You’d admit that you’ve readevery mailbgag I ever wrote while at MaxBoxing and that you continue to do so now that I write for If my mailbags started appearing on, you would go there and read them. Get over Margarito and stop acting like you’re not my f__king fan.


Shup Dougie. I can’t help but feel bad for the Mexican Americans. First off the majority of boxing fans are Mexicans and between Mayweathers “legal” cheap shot, Angulo gassing out in a fight he should’ve won, Margarito not being given the benefit of the doubt to fight the full 12 with Cotto, and the serious issue at hand, Pacquiao winning a decision in a fight Marquez truly won, I don’t know how Mexicans deal with the BS of professional boxing.

I wanna make it clear that I have watched Marquez and Pacquiao’s trilogy fight 3 times and am not sure why dougie you would support the idea of it being a extremely close fight. I have Marquez winning 116-112 AND that was me giving the close rounds to Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s demeanor after the fight also highly indicates that he felt he lost. You’re a schmuck Doug and I don’t care if you get all sensitive on me and insult my intelligence to make yourself feel better. You know Marquez won that fight…

Anyways Mayweather was just as bad if not worse for hitting a man while he had his hands down so ruthlessly. Angulo should of won but big props to my boy Kirkland for pulling through, same for Cotto; his performance was excellent but I wish it would have gone the full 12 and I do think that Margarito would have won the last rounds but Cotto I still feel would have won. I just wanna let Mexican boxing fans know don’t get too excited if Alvarez or Chavez Jr end up fighting Mayweather or Pacquiao because yalls boys is gonna lose either by eating a cheap shot or get robbed by the judges. – Roland, Tampa

Mexican fans have a lot to cheer about and much to look forward to. Alvarez and Chavez Jr. will probably take over the sport once Mayweather and Pacquiao finally quit.

In the mean time, Mexican fans have future hall of famers, such as Marquez, Erik Morales, and Jorge Arce, to root for. They also have young titleholders, such as Antonio DeMarco and Abner Mares, who continue to improve against top-notch opposition; strong young Mexican contenders, such as Juan Carlos Burgos, and talented Mexican-American up-and-comers, such as Mikey Garcia, Jessie Vargas, Diego Magdaleno, Eloy Perez, and Ronny Rios, that they can follow.

Who knows? Maybe Segura will win another title on the road this weekend. Maybe Chris Arreola will finally get it together and win a heavyweight title next year.  

By the way, you don’t have to be Mexican to root for any of these Mexican or Mexican-American fighters.

Also, I have to point out that all three Pacquiao-Marquez fights could have gone either way. Anyone who thinks that Marquez won by more than three points is either a hardcore Mexican fan, a Pacquiao hater, (or a diehard JMM booster like my boys Kirk and Darryl .) I know which category you fall under, Roland.


Yo Dougie,

It’s been a little while since I’ve written. But I just read that GBP is trying to make Danny Garcia vs El Terible’ for January. I’m just trying to figure this one out. I know you picked Kendall Holt to beat Garcia and the kid dominated but do you really think he is ready for Erik Morales? He only has 22 fights against limited compitition at best. I’m from Philly and I have been following Garcia since he was fighting out of Harrowgate Boxing Club and I think the kid has what it takes to be a world champion. But I think Golden Boy might be doing him a disservice by putting him in with an old but very live lion like Morales. Your thoughts?

P.S. Have you heard anything recently of Paul Williams? There are so many names in that division right now and his never gets mentioned. I know he looked like sh!t against Lara but doesn’t everyone? I still think he gives everyone hell at 154 and even if he loses, he’ll go down swinging. Williams vs Kirkland or Canelo? Who wouldnt want to see that? — Brendan, Philly

Dan Rafael reported (through Twitter) that Williams will face Nobuhiro Ishida (a fight HBO accepted and then rejected earlier this year) on Showtime on Jan. 21. If he takes care of business agaisnt the Japanese spoiler (as he should), maybe we will see the towering southpaw windmill in with Kirkland or Alvarez.

I view Morales-Garcia as a toss-up fight. “El Terrbile” is by far the toughest fighter Garcia has ever faced and he’s forgotten more about boxing than the young Philly boxer will ever learn, but the Mexican legend went life and death with Marcos Maidana and he was extended by the unheralded Pablo Cesar Cano this year. Garcia has more talent and boxing ability than both Maidana and Cano, IMO. He showed me that he’s mature enough to face veterans with his victory over Holt.

If he fights the fight of his life, he can beat Morales.


Hi Doug, how are you doing? I was wondering what you think about Robert Gracia as a coach? He’s become one of hottest coaches in boxing these days and now he’s got few champions (current/former and future) in his stable.

However, I started thinking if he really is what many people think he is. Looking back at Marg’s fight against Pac, he didn’t stop the fight and that caused Marg’s eye to be seriously injured. In that fight, Marg didn’t display any technical improvement or tactical game plan. He did again last week against Cotto. No improvement was on display and he kept chasing him instead of cutting the ring off. He didn’t even start fast knowing that his eye might not hold up long enough.

Now, his other fighter Brandon Rios. He got a W against John Murray but how could he let this happen? I mean I heard that Rios was taking just few drops of water everyday for a week, looking totally dead at the weigh-in. Garcia trains him everyday and talked to him everyday and could not see this coming? If Murray was a stick and move guy, Rios might have been outfoxed that night. (He looked very sluggish as you saw). His another champion Donaire didn’t even show anything special against an Argentine few weeks ago. Actually he showed his mental weakness (being really frustrated) and could not cut the ring off.

What I’m trying to say is that Garcia didn’t seem to improve his fighters technically as well as mentally. Also he didn’t seem to care enough for fighter’s health and safety (Marg’s eye and Rios’s weight drain). I’ve got nothing against him personally but I kinda doubt his integrity. — Naoki, Reno, NV

Garcia’s got integrity. He’s just a fighter at heart. Just because he’s no longer an active boxer doesn’t mean he’s lost his warrior spirit. Garcia was always willing to give his all and go out on his shield (as he did vs. the late Diego Corrales, Ben Takie and Joel Casamayor) when he was a fighter. What makes you think that he would expect anything less from his fighters?

I think Garcia’s a terrific trainer. You can’t judge him just based on three fighters, especially Margarito and Donaire. He didn’t develop those two fighters. Nonito’s father gave him his foundation. Garcia was only brought in as an assistant trainer to Gerry and Dodie Boy Penalosa as recently as two years ago. He can only do so much without having Nonito relocate to Southern California and train at his gym in Oxnard. I think he’s helped Donaire settle down and get off with combinations in his rexent fights. The “Argentine” he fought in his last fight (Omar Narvaez) was a world-class veteran’s veteran – an Olympic-level amateur who was unbeaten in 37 pro bouts and 21 title fights – who was only trying to survive. The Flash will look better against guys who actually come to fight and win.

Garcia got Margarito when the veteran had 16 or 17 years under his belt. He was not going to be able to change this guy’s style or add too much technique to his game. All he could do was make sure the veteran was in great shape without being burned out before his two PPV showdowns, and I think Garcia did his job in that regard. I agree that he should have kept Margarito on his stool by the late rounds of the Pacquaio fight but it didn’t shock me that he allowed it to go. He and Margarito aren’t like you and I. They’re fighters.

As for Rios, a fighter Garcia has trained since his amateur days, I think Bam Bam just outgrew the division. Everybody knew he was pushing it by fighting 135 pounds, but until last Friday “Bam Bam” was able to do it. I think Garcia has gotten the most out of Rios’ ability. This is a kid I saw go life and death with journeymen  years ago on small cards. He wasn’t supposed to have the talent or the desire to make it to the top of the sport, but Garcia has made a difference in the kid’s career and life.

I think Rios will be a force at 140 pounds and Garcia will be a big part of his junior welterweight success.



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