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Peterson split-decisons Khan: Live round-by-round updates


WASHINGTON, D.C. — RingTV.com will have a live, blog round-by-round update of Saturday night’s HBO- televised undercard, as well as the main event between RING No. 1-rated junior welterweight and WBA/IBF beltholder Amir Khan and RING No. 6-rated challenger Lamont Peterson at the Washington Convention Center.

Khan (26-1, 18 knockouts) takes an eight-bout winning streak that includes four knockouts into the matchup against Peterson (29-1-1, 15 KOs), who is 2-0-1, with two knockouts since falling to Tim Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) by unanimous decision in December of 2009.

In the co-feature, heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell, (23-0-1, 17 KOs), of Brandywine, Md., takes on Timur Ibragimov (30-3-1, 16 KOs), of Uzbekistan.

The broadcast begins at 9:45 p.m. with a replay of last weekend’s fight between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, with Mitchell-Ibragimov to follow at around 10:30 p.m.


Khan vs. Peterson, round-by-round


Referee: Joe Cooper (Virginia)

Judges: Valerie Dorsett (North Carolina) had it 113-112 and George Hill (New Jersey) had it 113-112, both for Peterson. Nelson Vazquez (Puerto Rico) had it for Khan 115-110 [INITIALLY ANNOUNCED AT 114-111].


RING TV.com has it for Khan, 113-112.

Round 1: Khan steps in with two right hands that miss. Peterson retreats and ducks beneath him. Khan catches Peterson with a left hand off a clinch, followed by a right. Peterson comes back with a left, and goes down, but the referee, Joe Cooper, rules it a slip, although it appeared a left hand landed. Khan is bringing the action to the circling Peterson, who comes back with a left hand. Peteson drives a left to the body. Khan lands a left behind the jab. Khan DROPS Peterson with a long, lead right hand, but he’s up at six. Another jab lands for Khan. Khan, 10-8.

Round 2: Khan continues his assault, and wobbles Peterson it appears with a right hand. In retreat, Khan takes a long right to the body. Khan’s speed is apparently giving Peterson trouble. Khan lands another right, but they trade lefts. Peterson takes a right uppercut and Khan dances away. Khan digs two left hands to the body. Peterson drives a right to the body. Peterson digs a left uppercut to the chin. Peterson comes with a left and two rights to the body. Khan retreats. Khan jumps in with a left-right to end the round. Khan, 10-9; Khan 20-17.

Round 3: Khan is busy on the inside, landing a right uppercut and moving away. Peterson tries to track him, but takes a right, left and another right. Peterson drives in a nice right as Khan retreats. Peterson gets in two left hands to the body that Khan feels. They clinch. Peterson doubles up on the right to the body and then digs four more body shots. They trade rights, with Peterson’s having more effect. Peterson has Khan hurt with a right as Khan retreats. Peterson rocks Khan with a right, then digs four body shots home. Khan gets in a right. Peterson’s had a great round with the body shots. Peterson, 10-9; Khan, 29-27.

Round 4: A hard fight hand form Peterson starts the round. Peterson digs a jab to the body, blocks four punches from Khan, then digs a five-punch combination to the body. Khan says he’s not hurt. Peterson is going relentlessly to the body. Peterson takes a right and keeps coming. Peterson blocks two rights and comes back with a lft. Peterson digs two rights to the body and a left to the head. Two hard right hands from Peterson to the head and a left to the body. Khan doesn’t like it. Peterson’s jab is working. Khan covers up. Left from Peterson. Peterson finds the body twice more prior to the bell. Peterson, 10-9; Khan, 38-37.

Round 5: Peterson continues to track and elude Khan’s jab. Peterson drives a right to the body. Khan says he’s not hurt. Khan lands one of two right hands. Khan goes to the body three times. Khan clinches. Left to the body from Peterson. Nice right from Khan and another as Khan moves away. Khan misses and falls. It’s a slip. Khan’s jab is winning the round. Nice left hook from Peterson, counters with a three-punch flurry and moves away. Nice right by Peterson. Khan lands a jab and a right before the bell. Khan, 10-9; Khan, 48-46.

Round 6: Peterson comes with a jab and two rights to the jaw early. Khan goes back on his bicycle. Khan comes with a right and then clinches. Peterson lands three rights to the body. Khan goes back to sticking and moving. Nice three-punch combination from Khan, starting with the jab. Peterson can’t catch him. Nice left to the body from Peterson, good short right from Khan. Another right from Khan. Nice left from Khan and two more jabs. Two body shots from Peterson. Nice left to the body from Khan. Peterson lands two hard rights to the jaw of Khan. Three-punch combination from Khan that back up Peterson, who comes back with a left. Khan’s boxing wins the round. Khan, 10-9; Khan, 58-55.

Round 7: Khan opens with a four-punch combination. Peterson grazes with a right. Peterson lands twice to the body, but Khan comes bak with a hard left. Hard right to the jaw from Peterson. Peterson is getting out-hustled. Hard right to the jaw that hurts Khan, then a left that forces Khan to clinch. Nice left from  Peterson. Nice jab from Peterson. Two body shots from Peterson and a right. Peterson traps Khan on the ropes and lands a succession of body shots and a left hand to the head. Hard right from Peterson bothers Khan. Peterson lands two wicked right hands on the ropes to the head before the bell. Khan LOSES A POINT FOR PUSHING THE HEAD DOWN. Peterson, 10-8; Khan, 66-65.

Round 8: Peterson smells blood and pounds Khan on the ropes to the body. Peterson is relentless, chasing Khan and landing a hard right and several body shots before coming to the head with two more hard lefts and rights. Peterson pours it on to the body. Khan jabs and lands a right. Peterson hurts Khan with a left to the body and has him covering up. Peterson drives a left and a right to the body and Khan is retreating. Three lefts to the body by Peterson and a right to the head. Two more body shots and a right to the head by Peterson. Hard right to the jaw from Peterson. Peterson, 10-9; EVEN 75-75.

Round 9: Peterson is confident. Peterson will not stop going to the body. Peterson lands six straight body shots and drives four right hands to the head. Khan lands a series of right hands. Peterson does not wilt. Khan clinches from the pressure. Peterson goes to the body three times. Khan hurts Peterson with a hard right and wobbles him with another. Khan comes with another right hand. Nice left and a right from Peterson. Peterson hurts Khan with a right and a left. Khan, 10-9; Khan, 85-84.

Round 10: Peterson goes to the body early. Peterson’s right eye appears to be closing. Peterson drives four shots to the body. Then Peterson lands a right to the head. Peterson lands a nice counter left. Another nice left from Peterson. Four shots to the body from Peterson, followed by a left to the head from Khan. Peterson shakes Khan with a right hand. Four-punch combination to the body and then a right to the head from Peterson. Peterson jabs and follows with a four-punch combination to the body. Peterson, 10-9; EVEN 94-94.

Round 11: Khan’s three-punch combination to the body starts the action. Peterson traps Khan and fires three body shots. Four-punch combination by Khan, two of the blows were blocked, however. Peterson lands twice to the body on the ropes. Peterson lands a four-punch combination on the ropes, ending to the head. Khan wins the round by boxing and countering Peterson’s body shots. Khan, 10-9; Khan, 104-103.

Round 12: Peterson takes a left hook to start the round. Peterson drives in a left hand. Khan is boxing and boxing beautifully. Khan takes seven punches to the body, then GETS PENALIZED ANOTHER POINT FOR PUSHING. Peterson lands to the body and then to the head. Peterson pounds the body. Peterson lands hard to the body with a left. Peterson lands to the body, but the round’s even as Khan wins, but can not take the round because of the penalty. 9-9; Khan, 113-112.

RING TV.com has it for Khan, 113-112.

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