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Bradley-Peterson II? Arum, Dunkin, Bradley, say why not?

RingTV.com: So what are your thoughts on the Peterson-Khan fight?

Tim Bradley: Oh, I thought that it was a good fight, dude. It was a good fight. It was an exciting fight. I loved it.

RingTV.com: So who did you have winning it?

TB: I had Peterson winning the fight. I definitely had Peterson winning the fight. I think that Amir was edging out the fight until he lost that last point in the last round. That last point I think lost the fight for him.

But Amir was letting his hands go. He was letting his hands go in combination, and you know, he was hitting Peterson. I thought that he was hitting Peterson a lot more than Peterson was hitting him.

But as far as effective shots, I think that Peterson landed the more effective shots. You know, I thought that it was an all-around great fight, you know what I mean?

RingTV.comDid you get any sense of enjoyment out of what happened?

TB: The thing is, I’ve already beaten Peterson. Amir Khan fought a Peterson that I’ve already beaten.


RingTV.comWhat about in the wake of the criticism you took for not accepting the fight against Khan?

TB: No. It really didn’t matter to me. I was happy that good people like Peterson won the fight. But it makes no difference to me, because I’ve always said that I would beat Amir Khan.

He can’t take pressure. I’ve always said that. And, just to see that the guy that I’ve beaten in Peterson, when Peterson had a perfect record, that he went out and beat him?

That should tell you. That’s your validation for all of the fans and all of the critics and for anybody that ever said that I’m running scared, or that “Bradley’s this,” or “Bradley’s that,” I mean, that’s your validation right there.

Who is in the No. 1-pound-for-pound list among the 140 pounders in the world? It’s Timothy Bardley. You know, Amir Khan can’t see me, man.

I’ve said that over and over and over that he can’t see me. And they had people thinking that I was trying to get out of taking that fight, but see, now, I’m in a great situation.

I’m with a great promoter, so I’m like, ‘let’s make this fight happen.’ As soon as I signed with Top Rank, I was like, ‘let’s make something happen.’ This was all business.

What do others think?

Top Rank Inc. CEO Bob Arum, Bradley’s promoter: “I want to congratulate Lamont and Barry Hunter for their victory. We would certainly entertain that fight. We would want to do that fight. It would be a unification fight.

“Lamont didn’t do that well against Bradley when he fought him before. But Lamont now has a world of confidence. Barry is a good friend of mine.

“I have always had great respect for Barry Hunter, and he, I believe has great respect or me. So, if he’s interested in the fight, we’ll certainly talk and get it made.”

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