Lem Satterfield

Bradley-Peterson II? Arum, Dunkin, Bradley, say why not?


Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De La Hoya, Khan’s promoter: “Amir Khan and Golden Boy and Lamont Peterson want the rematch. There will be a rematch. Both guys are here. Amir Khan is here, and Peterson is here.

“The only fair thing to do now is, Amir came to Washington and Peterson’s home town, now, let’s take the rematch to the U.K.”

Cameron Dunkin, Bradley’s manager: “It’s an excellent fight, and I think that people would perceive that even though Timmy beat him like, 11 rounds to one the first time and dropped him.

“A lot of people had it 12-0, it was a very one-sided fight. But I’m sure that Peterson feels differently now that he can fight Timmy a different way, and with a different style or whatever.

“I think that it’s an excellent fight, and an excellent matchup. And Timmy loves to fight. He’s ready to go again. He’s not afraid of rematches. That’s a very easy fight to make. I think HBO would love that fight.

“I think that Top Rank would love to that fight.And I know that from things that I’ve heard that they’ve said that Barry Hunter and Lamont, they want the fight. So, we’re here and we’re ready to go.”

Doug Fischer, editor RingTV.com: “I had the first fight 115-113 for Bradley, when most people had it a blowout. Basically, he was hurting Bradley and making adjustments. After the knockdown, Lamont got up and fought his a– off.

“If you go back and watch that third round in its entirety, and not highlights. Watch that third round and he fought back hard enough that you could argue that that wasn’t even a 10-8 round for Bradley.

“It could have been a 10-9 round for Bradley because Peterson got up off of his a– and fought back so hard and landed so many quality punches to Bradley. Bradley admitted afterward that he had never been hurt to the body the way that he was against Lamont Peterson.

“I would say absolutely that (Bradley-Peterson)¬†was one of the best fights of the year (2009). The skill-level was there and the heart and the determination was there. It was a good fight.

“I think that Peterson has grown since then, thanks to the 10 rounds with Ortiz and the 12th round knockout with Cayo. And now, this war with Khan. I think that he’s grown in confidence. That’s a terrific fight, Bradley and Peterson II.”


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