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Bradley-Peterson II? Arum, Dunkin, Bradley, say why not?

Barry Hunter, Peterson’s manager and trainer: “We have no contract. We’re our own bosses. We don’t know what we’re going to do yet. We’re going to put all of our options on the table and let them come.

“We’re going to look at them and go with the best one. Khan and Bradley are both attractive, as long as the numbers are right. But those are not the only options.

“So we want to go through every last one of them before we make a decision. We’ve been careful all of this time, and we’re not going to be reckless now.”

Amir Khan: “I came to his home. So let’s see if he’s got the same balls as me. You take a shower, you get wet. You get into a fight, you get hit. That’s boxing for you. I can accept that.

“But tonight, the ref was never on my side. I kept telling the ref, ‘come on, do something about that.’  But when I held Lamont down, it was because he was coming with the head and headbutting me.

“I can come back stronger. That’s why I want a rematch straight away, just to prove that. Or let’s be fair and take it to Las Vegas. I’m not from there, and he’s not from there.”

Lamont Peterson: “It must have been a good fight. They’re talking about a rematch already. If it’s left up to me, I would fight him tomorrow. But that’s just me.

“I’m always ready to fight. I wouldn’t mind doing it in England. The deal would have to be right. Everything would have to be right. But if it is, then I would do it.”

Asif Vali, Khan’s manager: “Lamont Peterson was Amir’s mandatory, but Barry Hunter has offered us a rematch, straight away. So Hunter’s given me his word, and I trust him.

“He said that they would give us a rematch anytime, anyplace and anywhere. I’m sure that we’ll be at the table talking very, very soon.”


Photo by Thompson Boxing Promotions.

Photo by David Martin Warr, Don King Productions.

Photo by Naoki Fukuda.

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

Photo by Naoki Fukuda


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