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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday mailbag


Hi Dougie,

I’ve been following your column for quite some time now, and this is the first time I actually summoned enough courage to write you. I hope you’re doing fine…

I just wanna know your thoughts regarding the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson and Brian Viloria-Giovani Segura bouts… Personally I thought that the two point deductions on Khan particularly the first one was a little premature, on my own scorecards I had Khan winning 113-112 despite having points deducted twice. Was my score too far fetched? I’m not an expert.

That being said, I tip my hat to Peterson, he fought his heart out, the fight was awesome and he deserved it. It’s just sad that the referee failed to control the fight efficiently. I wanna see these two guys do it again next year. Great fights like this deserve a sequel. If that happens, who do you favor this time?

And lastly, I’m very happy for Brian Viloria, he fought brilliantly against Segura. His left hook was impressive in this fight, what do you think is the future now for these two little guys? Well, I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I do. — Jayson, Philippines

I enjoyed watching Khan-Peterson very much. I thought it would be a hotly contested 12-round bout with a lot of skill and heart on display and it exceeded those expectations.

I don’t believe your scorecard favoring Khan by one point is “far fetched” at all. I thought Khan won the fight by three points, 114-111, even with the two point deductions, which I believe were, at the very least, questionable.

However, I didn’t have any problem with the two scorecards that favored Peterson by one point. There were a few very close rounds that could have gone either way depending upon what you favor in a boxing match. Peterson was the aggressor in the majority of rounds. He punished Khan every time he got the UK star along the ropes and I absolutely loved his body attack.

I think these two gutsy, rangy boxer-punchers will make for an entertaining, competitive “toss-up” distance fight every time they face each other. I’m looking forward to the rematch, whenever it may happen.

I haven’t had an opportunity to watch the Viloria-Segura fight but I’m very happy for Brian. He and Giovani are two of the friendliest, most down-to-earth boxers that I’ve had the privilege of covering over the years (I first met both fighters before they turned pro).

What’s in the future for the little badasses? Well, Viloria’s manager, Gary Gittelsohn (a great guy who I am also very happy for) spoke of his 112-pound titleholder challenging THE RING/WBC champ Pongsaklek Wonjongkam and WBA beltholder Tyson Marquez. Those are the two fights I want to see. If Viloria can beat Wonjonkam, he’ll earn pound-for-pound status in my book. Viloria-Tyson could be a war. Or who knows? Maybe Viloria finally has the confidence and maturity to back his awesome talent in the ring on a consistent basis and he’ll dominate Marquez. Hopefully we’ll find out.

As for Segura, he’ll need a few comeback fights, but it almost doesn’t matter who he fights or at what weight (108, 112 or 115 pounds). He’s always fun to watch.


Hey Doug,

How are you?

I think Lamont Peterson just woke up DC boxing with that performance. There was so much electricity in the Convention Center. I can’t remember the last time I physically jumped for joy. We all did. It was an incredible and inspirational night.

On the metro ride home, something occurred to me. When Lamont Peterson was 7 years old, sleeping on park benches in DC with his little brother, abandoned by his parents, do you think if he said, “I will be a world champion one day,” anybody would’ve believed him? Well, he is. Dreams do come true. It’s one thing that makes boxing so wonderful.

As for the fight itself, any time two points are taken away from a fighter in his opponent’s hometown it’s going to be controversial. I agree with Lamont that a point should’ve been taken away from Khan for constantly putting him in a headlock. Freddie Roach said Khan either had to do that or get headbutted. But Khan had a third option, punch him in the head. I guess that never occurred to him. And let’s not forget that Khan shouldn’t have gotten credit for the knockdown in the first round.

I have so much respect for boxers in general and I’ve always really liked Khan. But after the fight, he dissed my city. He lost and he blamed it on DC. F__k him. He’s a classless piece of s__t. He should’ve taken it like a man.

Anyway, would you put Peterson in your p4p top 10 after that performance? Close?

And let’s not forget Seth Mitchell. Where does he go from here, challenge a top 10 heavyweight?

Be well. — David, Washington, DC

If I were managing Mitchell I’d try to make a crossroads bout with former heavyweight champ Hasim Rahman. I think that’s the perfect next step for Mitchell. It’s a good style matchup and the bout would sell tickets in the D.C./Maryland area, since both heavyweights are from Maryland.

Mitchell was impressive against Ibragimov, but I don’t think he’s quite ready for bona-fide top-10 contenders.

I would not put Peterson in my P4P list. Khan was not in my top 10 and Peterson barely beat the UK star. Plus, he also lost to Timothy Bradley, who is barely in my top 10. However, I think Lamont’s a hell of a fighter, at least the second best 140 pounder in the game. If I put out a P4P top 25 the way I used to with MaxBoxing, I’m sure he’d be on that list somewhere after No. 15.

Go easy on Khan. I know he comes off as an arrogant S.O.B., but he’s not a bad guy in person. Khan was just really upset Saturday night. He was never homeless as a child but he’s been focused on winning those two belts that he lost to Peterson probably since before he was seven years old. It’s hard for a proud young man like Khan to lose what he’s worked his entire life for because of two point deductions from a hometown referee. Think about it: How often do you see a referee penalize a fighter for “pushing?” It almost never happens. We see guys land low blows and blatant headbutts more often than Khan pushed Peterson without getting docked a point. So the narrow split decision loss was a very big, very bitter pill for Khan to swallow.

Controversy aside, what a fight! I have no doubt that the local fans in attendance got their money worth with that solid undercard and awesome main event. I hope GBP brings Mitchell back to D.C. and whoever promotes Peterson’s next fight does the same. There’s enough talent and boxing history in the nation’s capital for it to be a strong market for the sport.


Hi Doug,

A first time writer here. I’ve been a fan of your mailbag for quite some time already. I open ringtv.comeveryday just to read articles during my lunch break at work. What a great weekend for the Filipino boxing community this is! First off, Brian Viloria defying odds and serving the “Hawaiian Punch” to the gentleman from Mexico in Segura, then Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista doing great in re-establishing himself.

Man, am I glad that my prediction in the Viloria fight was way off, I knew his chance is to box with strategy, but man, he kept landing that left all day! I hope that people who doubt his stamina would be convinced that he has his new wind at Flyweight. I hope Brian fights Tyson Marquez next year. It would be one hell of a fight (a possible FOTY) due to their styles if that happens.

As for the Aztec Warrior, the man’s really a great guy. He won many Filipino hearts after the compassion he showed at the press conference. I know he will still win a title but hopefully he learns to defend his head more, that hematoma he got is really awful.

With this recent outing, how do you see P4P ranking shake up? I know my boy Brian still has a lot to prove before making it there but I know he’s on the way up! Hopefully, this would make your next mailbag. I know a lot of fans will obviously give their thoughts on Khan-Peterson. BTW, I had Peterson there by a point or two. Cheers! — Joey, Manila, Philippines

How do I see the “P4P ranking shakeup” after Viloria’s TKO of Segura? Well, first, I should admit that the only pound-for-pound rankings that fight shook up was THE RING’s. Segura wasn’t P4P ranked anywhere else. I love the kid, and I mean that, but he probably shouldn’t have been in the magazine’s P4P to begin with (and in case you have to ask, no, I had nothing to do with that ranking).

Anyway, Segura obviously drops from his No. 9 spot. I think Ward should move from No. 10 to No. 9 (and, of course, he will likely move up on the list if he beats Carl Froch this Saturday), and either Vitali Klitschko, Anselmo Moreno, Toshiaki Nishioka, or Yuriorkis Gamboa fill in the No. 10 spot. Big Brotha Klitsch gets my vote (he’s been on my personal list for some time now).

Segura will bounce back. If Viloria doesn’t fight Tyson Marquez next, the former 108-pound champ will gladly take on his countryman in a guaranteed slugfest. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a defensive-minded boxer. He’s a born fighter; a pure slugger who is at his best when he employs smart pressure.

I’d love to see Viloria fight Marquez, Wonjongkam or his amateur rival Ivan Calderon as soon as possible. The challenge for Viloria’s manager is not making these fights, it’s convincing American cable networks that these bouts are worth broadcasting in the U.S.

It was nice to hear that Boom Boom Bautista got a semi-significant victory with his sixth-round KO of Miguel Mendoza, a hard-punching unbeaten prospect from Mexico. I think he’s ready to face a featherweight contender. How about a rematch with Daniel Ponce de Leon?

Thanks for the kind words and for finally writing to me, Joey.


Alright Dougie,

I’ll keep it short. Khan can have no complaints with the outcome of this fight. Yeah, I thought he won the fight by a point and yeah the point deduction was BS, but come on, he’s fighting in the fella’s backyard. And even though it’s not exactly Germany, Khan should know that if it’s gonna go within a couple of points close that the home boy’s gonna come away with it.

Only seen Peterson’s last three fights but just from what I’ve saw he seems to be improving every fight. I think he’s a class act outside the ring as well.

Let’s hope they get the rematch sorted out soon. How do you see it going and do you think Peterson will travel to England for it? Thanks Doug. — Seth, UK

I think Peterson would fight Khan on the moon if the money is right. There’s a good chance that the American grants Khan an immediate rematch, but if it takes place in the UK, Peterson’s going to want to receive a healthy seven-figure payday.

His trainer/manager Barry Hunter knows what you know, a close fight – and I think these two will always make for a hotly contested 12 rounder – is usually going to go to the fighter with the hometown advantage.

Maybe they can do it in Las Vegas. I know Khan will never return to Washington D.C., but it would be interesting to see how many fans Peterson could attract in his hometown as the “defending champ.” If Peterson doesn’t fight Khan immediately (and by the way, I don’t have a favorite in the rematch), I’d like to see a unification return bout against WBO beltholder Tim Bradley or a revenge-of-the-brother showdown with Brandon Rios.

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