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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday mailbag


Hey Dougie,

Hope you’re good.

I don’t want to sound like sour grapes, but I am just absolutely disgusted at the way the Khan-Peterson fight was handled tonight. Props to Peterson, he was much better than I expected and fought a great fight, but Khan won that fight! Take away the knockdowns and point deductions (I’m not sure how you or anyone else saw it) but I gave Khan eight rounds. Given the point deductions, I think the 114-111 card was spot on; the others, not a chance. Sure, the fight was even after about eight rounds (and I’m sure no one had Peterson more than one round up at this stage), but Khan clearly won the last four rounds.

Peterson was headbutting and pushing Khan into the ropes all night, but the referee did s__t, he never broke them up, and the points taken off Khan were some of the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. People say European fighters stay at home and are protected, but can you blame them when you go to America where this sort of s__t happens all the time? Am I just being overly patriotic in my view of the fight?! If Ward’s allowed to headbutt the crap out of Froch next weekend I’m afraid to say you can expect an even more irrational and irate email!

Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to that fight. I’m gonna go with Froch by a close decision. Despite what he’s been saying, I think he’s gonna box Ward, and his unorthodox style will pose enough problems early on, and his sheer determination will carry him down the stretch. Let’s just hope it’s a good fight to end the year with a bang! How do you see this one?

Take it easy, keep up the good work! — Callum, Sheffield, UK

I see Ward-Froch the same way I saw Khan-Peterson, an even fight with the more talented athlete (Khan/Ward) edging out the more rugged technician (Peterson/Froch) edging out a close decision.

I think Ward will narrowly outpoint Froch, but just like Peterson, you can never count the ultra-confident Brit out. We’ll see what happens. Like you, I just want a good fight and a fair contest. My fingers are crossed.

I don’t think you’re being overly patriotic in your view of the Khan-Peterson bout, but I don’t agree that Peterson (or Khan for that matter) was being overly rough. I do, however, agree with your scorecard. In fact, I saw the fight exactly as you did.

I had it even after eight rounds (as most did). Rounds one, four, five and six went to Khan (with the first being a 10-8 rounds due to the iffy knockdown call by “Ref Stooper”) and rounds two, three, seven and eight going to Peterson (with the seventh being a 10-8 round because of Stooper’s bogus point deduction). I thought Khan edged Peterson in rounds nine through 12 (with the 12th being an even round, 9-9, thanks to STOOPER MAN!).

Anyway, despite the bad calls by the referee, I was not disgusted by the outcome of the fight. Khan fought his heart out, just like Peterson did, and they gave us a hell of a fight. Peterson has every reason to cherish his hard-earned victory and world titles, and Khan has no reason to hang his head in disappointment. He’s real fighter and I believe he’ll be back, better than ever.


Dear Dougie,
Long time reader, first time writer.

Before you get an inevitable deluge of emails complaining about ‘home town’ refereeing for Lamont Peterson, I thought I’d send my two cents in favour of beleaguered ref Joe Cooper. 

Khan clearly had no intention of fighting Peterson at close range, and went about using practically every illegal move in the book to keep the fight at the range that suited him. How can he expect to not get penalised? If Peterson had been allowed to fight on the inside, perhaps ‘King Khan’ would’ve tasted the canvas. Home town refereeing, yes – but only because a referee in a British ring wouldn’t have had the cojones to do the same.

Now what I wanted to ask… If Khan gets what looks like a likely rematch, and loses again, where does he go next? And who becomes Mayweather’s likely next opponent for May 5th (assuming he doesn’t rumble with Pacquiao?)

Thanks a lot. — Harry, Exeter, England

Both Khan and Peterson engaged in some roughhouse tactics but neither fighter, in my not-so-humble opinion, did anything during the course of the fight that warranted a point deduction. Perhaps Khan needed a stern warning or two, but to penalize a guy two points just for periodic shoving that didn’t even appear to bother Peterson, was WAY too much. I mean, two points is what Mike Tyson was penalized for biting a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off, for Christ’s sake.

Bottom line: the referee should not determine the outcome of a close fight.

If Khan loses to Peterson again, he might as well take his chances at 147 pounds where interesting fights against the winners of Ortiz-Berto II, Mike Jones-Randall Bailey and Alexander-Maidana await him. A welterweight showdown with Kell Brook would be a major fight in the UK, wouldn’t it?

Mayweather will probably wind up fighting Canelo next May. Whoopie.


Hey Dougie, long time reader, first email in a while… just finished watching Khan vs Peterson. It’s after 5:30am here in the UK, and this is just a quick email to say well done both fighters, such a good fight!!!

A quick insight for you in regards to how the British commentators and studio “experts” called the fight: Jim Watt, Johnny Nelson, Barry McGuigan and Steve Collins all had Peterson winning the fight. Collins said a rematch should be set up for Vegas, whether that’s a good call, I don’t know, but excellent fight.

Give both guys a break, then IMO a rematch SHOULD be set up, whether it’s in Vegas is another question, but a rematch has to be done! I had the fight a draw on my cider influenced scorecard!

What do you think is the next step for both guys? Rematch or not? BTW, first time I’ve saw Peterson fight, hopefully not the last! Amir sounded a touch bitter in his interview with Larry, but hey, who am I to question a fighter’s attitude immediately after losing a fight!!! Keep up the good work Dougie, take care! — Peter, Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks Peter, good to hear from you. I think it’s interesting that the British TV commentators scored the fight for Peterson, while HBO’s Harold Lederman and most of the U.S ringside press had it for Khan.

I agree that both Khan and Peterson deserve our praise and that both could use an easy fight before facing each other again, but I think both young men are only interested in significant fights. If an immediate rematch isn’t made, I expect to see both Khan and Peterson in with world-class opposition (Peterson vs. Bradley or Rios and Khan vs. GBP stablemate Robert Guerrero, if The Ghost’s arm is healthy enough).


Happy Holidays to you and your family. 

This weekend was terrific. I didn’t see Peterson or Viloria winning before those fights, but I’m happy for both of them.

I don’t understand Viloria at all. He looks like hell against guys he should handle easily, and then fights brilliantly when we’ve all given him up for dead. If Viloria fought like that all the time, we would be considering him a top ten p4p guy. His left hook was laser guided and his movement was phenomenal. Segura is tough as nails, but he seemed a little befuddled that Viloria could back him up.

I caught a Filipino stream of the fight, and the broadcast was half in English and half in Tagalog. It was an interesting experience. If you can find the feed, Manny Pacquiao is one of the analysts. The commentators mentioned Segura was #9 on The Ring’s P4P list constantly. I think they were as surprised with Viloria as I was.

I was also extremely impressed with Khan and Peterson. Fights like that bring new fans to the sport. It was unfortunate that the point deductions added controversy to what was an absolutely brilliant fight. I can’t wait to see a rematch. I’ve only seen Peterson fight a couple of times, but I can’t recall him committing so much to his body shots. He applied pressure and boxed intelligently at the same time. He is a very effective in-fighter. The hooks and uppercuts were spot on. If there is a blueprint to fight Khan, that may be it, and I had it scored a draw. What did you think of the fight/pt deductions?

And finally, what’s it gonna take to get Gennady Golovkin a big fight? That guy is a beast. I don’t know if he can beat Sergio Martinez, but I know he’d give him sheer hell and would probably mop the floor with the rest of the division. He reminds me of a giant Kostya Tszyu (who is one of my favorite fighters of the last 20 years). – Matthew

King Kostya is also one of my all-time favorite fighters and I absolutely agree that Golovkin, who scored a cold-ass one-punch first-round KO of Lajuan Simon on Friday, looks like the recent hall of fame inductee. In fact, I said as much in a Gym Notes column posted in May after I got my first look at the undefeated 160-pound beltholder from Kazakhstan (in a sparring session with Saul Alvarez up in Big Bear, Calif.).

Golovkin’s got some legal/contractual issues that need settling with his former promoter, which should be taken care of going into 2012, and then he’ll be free to appear on whatever U.S. network will have him. I hope some of these network executives keep an eye on columns like this one and hardcore fan boxing forums that celebrate underground (in the U.S.) badasses like Golovkin. Because I agree with you, I would pick “Superman” to beat every middleweight currently ranked by THE RING, except for the champ (Martinez).

If the fight that Peterson put forth on Saturday is “the blueprint” to beat Khan, I feel sorry for anyone who faces the Brit because Lamont had to dig DEEP, and I still thought he lost.

I thought the fight was excellent, one of the best I’ve seen on TV all year. I thought the point deductions were unnecessary.  

I think Viloria is just one of those talented athletes who only brings his best when he’s the underdog or when he’s in with top opposition. That means he should forget about a tune-up bout or a “gimme” in his next fight and just move on to the baddest 112-pound mofo that his manager can line up for him.

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