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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday mailbag


Lets be real. Those deductions were complete bulls__t. I knew the ref would get in the way from the get go, at his instructions he said something along the lines of “lets see the thunder.” Not to mention this ref also tripped Lamont Peterson in the first round. It bums me out. Steve Smoger should just ref every fight, or at least every major fight.

However, this was still a great fight. I admire Amir Khan in his approach to his career. He wants to fight the best fighters in his division. He wants to prove he’s the best and he’ll do almost anything to make those fights happen, split money with bradley and fight in someones backyard. He travels the world defending his titles against elite opponents and goes home for a showcase fight. He seeks the best trainers and coaches and is pretty aggressive.

But there is always something about him I didn’t like. I think its his style. He fights like an amateur. He throws pitty patter punches and doesn’t take care of business. He embodies everything that should be fixed with boxing, but he isn’t the right guy to do it. It was only a matter of time before he got beat by a non elite fighter. he fought like a pussy at the end. It was much different than what cotto and marquez did, where they skillfully countered and set up combinations. Khan ran away and threw a few flurries while freddy told him to put him on his ass. With that said i still think he got enough rounds to win, but probably not with those b.s. deductions.

I can deal with all the shady and stupid things out of the ring but in the ring it bums me out. F__k it, it was an awesome fight either way.

You can’t leave it in the hands of the judges. That’s why I feel Brandon Rios is the true future breakout transendent star of the sport. – Boxing Fan

You might be right about Rios, but I think “Bam Bam” will have to beat “Mr. Pitty Patter Punches” and Lamont Peterson at 140 pounds to prove it and those won’t be easy fights.


Hey Dougie,

What a great performance from the fighters Sat night, it is just too bad that the controversial officiating is once again taking away from what has a really entertaining fight.

Overall, I think Khan should have won the fight, but Khan’s team under estimated Peterson and I really hope this teaches Khan some humility; his arrogance is really annoying. Although I thought he lost, I think Peterson showed a lot of improvement. He used his grit to get Khan up against the ropes, his body shots were great and he really showed that Khan was uncomfortable fighting on the inside.

As for the “home cooking”, I have heard complaints about every stadium that a fight has been held in. The world complains about American locations, Americans complain about the UK, Canada and even locations inside the US like Texas. German judges are hated by everyone but Germans. Really, I don’t think there is a neutral location, even in Vegas it can be said that the bigger name usually gets the benefit of the doubt. So when a guy like Khan complains about “home cooking” and then talks about a rematch in the UK so he can have the advantage it just makes me groan.

All that being said, I am really looking forward to a rematch to see who learned the most from the first fight and also to see who gets the officiating assignment. Keep up the good work Dougie. — Deryk, Ottawa

Good point, Deryk. A very close fight equals “controversy” in boxing. It doesn’t matter where the fight takes place. If it ain’t the judges’ scorecards or the referee’s actions, hardcore boxing nuts will find some other reason (certain tactics used by the fighters, the brand of gloves, the slippery advertisements on the canvas, the call of the TV commentators, whatever!) to bitch and moan about. Bottom line: if the guy that they thought won — or bet on, or wanted to win — doesn’t win, they’re going to cry controversy.

I wish more fans could forget about who wins or loses and just enjoy a good fight every now and then.


Hi Dougie,
Just spat my cornflakes out with laughter as I read your response to that clown El Diego in Friday’s mailbag, well played sir, I guess you must have a template for all the stupid e-mails you receive.

Anyway won’t do the whole love you since Maxboxing days (although I obviously just have) but keep up the good work. I have to admit I don’t always agree with your views but at least I know it’s an honest as well as an educated view. Keep up the good work, mate.

(PS, not too bothered about Khan v Peterson although I will be watching, hope Kell Brook impresses although he’s fighting a nobody and Froch v Ward should be a tear-up….here’s hoping)

Best. — Jan, London, UK

Thanks for the kind words, Jan. You know, I probably should have a template just for emails from boxing crazies and hyper-emotional nut-huggers. It would save time. But I like to freestyle every now and then. Guys like El Deigo keep me sharp.

God bless ‘em.

I know you weren’t too bothered about Khan-Peterson going into the fight but I hope you bothered to watch it.

Brook will impress in his U.S. debut. “Special K” is a special talent and, as you pointed out, he’s not in terribly tough this Saturday. I’m looking forward to Brook taking on somebody for a major 147-pound title by the end of 2012 (hopefully on U.S. TV).



After taking out Simon last night just one question:

Is Gennady Golovkin the sensation he seems to be? Does he take to many punshes? I haven’t seen anybody moving as fluent as Golovkin for a long time. What would be the outcome of a fight with Martinez? My prediction: Early KO – but I have no idea who would be on the canvas at the end. – Matthias, Germany

If they fought next year, I’d pick Martinez by competitive decision, but I think Triple G is the real deal.


Holy s__t dude that was epic destroying El Diego… just a Tyson-Spinks like destruction! Keep it up! – Mike

Wow. I didn’t think I was quite that ruthless in my retort (in fact, I toned it down a bit before posting), but that’s high praise, Mike.  Thanks.



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