RING Pass: Ward vs. Froch


compiled by Lem Satterfield


Freddie Roach, five-time winner of the BWAA’s trainer of the year award

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I picked Ward (to winj the Super Six) from the beginning. I think that he’s the best fighter out of the bunch and the best boxer. I think that he just has too many boxing skills for Carl Froch. I think that he wins by a decision.

Barry Hunter, trainer of WBA/IBF junior welterweight titleholder Lamont Peterson

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I’m going with Andre Ward. Ward is that rare fighter that is able to make adjustments to anybody’s style and any environment that he’s in. I’ve known him since he was 10, so I’m kind biased. I’ve watched this man lose only one time since the age of 10 on up.

So he’s a very, very smart fighter and he’s a very, very patient fighter and he’s a very, very tactical fighter and he has a great trainer. Knowing Carl Froch’s style, and knowing Dre’s style, I think that it should be a war at times, but for the most part, Andre’s not going to give you anything in the ring to defeat him.

You’re going to have to work to defeat him. And I just don’t see Andre Ward getting out-worked. So I see Ward by decision.

Andre Hunter, trainer of unbeaten heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: Andre Ward-Carl Froch is a very, very tough fight for both of them. They’re both guys who know how to play that rough and tough game. Ward is more skillful, but Froch, I wouldn’t underestimate him. But I like Ward in the end. He won’t knock out Froch. If there’s going to be a knockout, it will be by Froch. But I think Ward is going to win a decision.

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