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Exclusive Q&A: Peterson on Khan victory, Bradley rematch

RingTV.com: How do you mean?

LP: Well, Khan was pulling on my neck the whole fight. My back started to stiffen up. I’ve already got a bad neck. He was making that worse than what it already was.

But again, you didn’t hear any crying from me. I just wanted to focus on winning the fight with my hands, and I didn’t expect the referee to do anything for me.

But it seemed like he did. To me, it’s just like, “enough crying, man, just take the loss.”

RingTV.com: Do you think that Khan was being farily penalized?

LP: Well, if you look at his fights, it’s not the first time he did what he was doing to me. Look at the Zab Judah fight. He held Zab’s head down, hit him low, in the balls, or however they want to put it. 

But it was low. He gets the knockout, but there was no crying three and no rematches there. It was a knockout and everything keeps on moving for him.

But there are too many times in this sport where the supposed superstars get the benefit of the doubt, but if the same thing happens to the other guy, then, it’s, “Oh, he’s cheating or something.”

That’s crazy because, he can say all that he want. Like I came in with my head or whatever. But if I duck for one second, that’s part of boxing. It’s called a weave or a duck or whatever you want to call it.

Roll under. But every time that I go under there, if you pull my neck down, that’s not part of boxing. He can say that it was me, but he does it every fight. So everybody does that to him?

I warned the referee when he came into the dressing room to talk to me. I asked him what he would do if Amir Khan kept on doing that?

And he was saying that he talked to Khan, and that he won’t do it. But, of course, he did it. And he did it all night long.


RingTV.com: What are the merits of a Bradley rematch?

LP: For Bradley, anytime, anyplace. You know, he’s the only guy to defeat me, and I know that I can beat him, so I would love to fight him also.

Again, that’s something that my team would have to sit down and talk about, but I would love that fight too.

RingTV.com: What are the merits of a Khan rematch?

LP: Well, with Khan, right now, that’s the man. I would love to fight him again. Of course, all of the circumstances have to be right.

You can’t just say, “Oh yeah, I’m going to fight him,” and then the deal has to be right. Pretty much my team has to agree on everything, so we’ll have to sit down and have our talk and see where we go from here.

But if it’s left up to me, and I will be pushing for this, it’s that I want to fight him again.

RingTV.com: Is there any preferance to facing Khan or Bradley?

LP: To me, it really doesn’t matter who it is. I just love fighting, and I want to fight the top guys that are out there at 140, or, 147 pounds. But if I fight Amir Khan again, it’s going to be a cleaner victory, or I’m going to knock him out.

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