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Boxing community reacts to Hopkins-Dawson being ruled a no-decision

“I just don’t like reversing any calls when you don’t have instant replay to do it right there. Right then and there right on the spot. Doing it days, weeks, months later, I think that sets a bad precedent for any sport to reverse a decision like that.

“I’m not an advocate of that. I would be more inclined to say ‘let’s have instant replay under controversial situations or other questionable calls or non-calls.

“Look, once you take the decision-making process out of the referee’s or the judges’ hands, you’re in essence, saying that they’re not competent to administer your rules and regulations.

“So my belief is that if you want to support them, then why not give them the ability to correct an error or a problem right then and there. You’ve got to have instant replay.

“You can’t play Monday morning quarterback at later times and hear evidence. It’s purely done at the moment by humans, and the only way that you can remedy that is immediately,” Dan Goossen, promoter.


“The fact that they turned the bout between Hopkins and Dawson into a no-contest is the right call. I really believe that B-Hop hurt his shoulder,” Robert Guerrero, RING No. 2-rated lightweight and five-belt titlewinner. 


“They did what was right, and it should not have taken that long. Come on, man. How is a man going to win a fight like that? Come on, let’s be real with this s–t.

“You know? So the commission did what was right, man, and I respect that. That’s what should have happened in the first place. How long has it been? Since Oct. 15?

“What took them that long to see that this should have been ruled a no-contest? I can’t even understand what took them so long, really, but they did what should have been done, and they did what was right.

“Now, they need to go back at it if there is any type of problem with it, you know what I’m saying?” Leon Lawson, trainer of super middleweight contenders Anthony Dirrell and Andre Dirrell.


“I’m shocked. Shocked. I think that this is conventional wisdom. I did not know that Pat Russell had changed his mind, and I don’t know the rules of California that…

“Look, why did this take two  months to decide? I mean, that’s the first thing. It’s almost ancient history already. This is something that should have been decided within a week, one way or the other.

“The mere fact that they couldn’t get their act together faster than they have suggests a certain, how should I put it? Incompetence in that commission?

“I mean, this is the same commission that didn’t have somebody competent enough to find Antonio Margarito’s gloves loaded. A trainer had to point that out to them.

“So, all around, it’s something that I’d rather forget about this year. My head is elsewhere in boxing, that’s all that I can say,” Larry Merchant, HBO ringside color commentator.


“I would think that that would be the proper thing to do. Because, sure enough, they both did come there to fight. And it’s time that Hopkins fought somebody that is credible such as Dawson.

“I think that Dawson was handling himself very well at that time, but I thought that that decision that Pat Russell called was an accurate decision.

Afterall, Hopkins took himself outside of the fight by jumping on this man’s shoulder. Hey, what would I do if you had jumped on my shoulder? I’m going to react the same way.

“And I would look for you to react the same way. He has no business at all jumping on that man’s shoulder. I think that the decision that was made from the very beginning should have been final.

“But in light of the fact that the commission made the decision to overturn the original decision, then, sure, I think that it’s justified that the WBC should make them have a rematch,” George Peterson, trainer of former three-time beltwinner Paul Williams.

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