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Who wins, Ward or Froch? The experts decide

Robert Guerrero, THE RING’s No. 2-ranked lightweight and five-time titleholder

Andre Ward SD 12 Carl Froch: I think Andre Ward takes it by a decision. He’s a very intelligent fighter who is always in great shape. He’s another one of those cases where everybody has said that he was small for the weight class. He’s fighting these guys that are bigger than him and he’s the underdog of the tournament.

But when it comes down to it, it’s having that skill and that talent. Being able to stay focused mentally, inside of the ring and outside of the ring. Him being a Christian man, and how focused he is, everybody sees that. Everybody sees his focus.

You hardly ever see Andre smile. That’s how much focus he has. I think that he goes into that fight and dominates it. He’s a tremendous talent, but everybody underestimates him. I think that he’s going to bring that Super Six Cup and that unification back home to the Bay Area.

Froch can box, and he comes to fight and he moves a lot, throws a lot of punches. He’s pretty slick himself. I think that it will be a split-decision.

Igor Guryashkin, ESPN.com

Andre Ward MD 12 Carl Froch: Despite possessing one the best chins in boxing, Froch’s rugged and at times gung-ho buccaneering style leaves him open for the counter.

At times it pays off – just take one look at his fight with Jean Pascal. But also take a gander at his bout with Mikkel Kessler where this tactic found him wanting.

There is no doubt that Froch makes entertaining fights, but against the disciplined closed shell of Andre Ward he may struggle a little too much. In terms of pure boxing I favor Ward. Prediction: Ward majority decision.

Bernard Hopkins, THE RING light heavyweight champion and WBC beltholder

Andre Ward late-round stoppage over Carl Froch: Andre Ward wins this fight because I think that he has more of an IQ, and that’s no disrespect to Carl Froch. But I think that Ward has more of an IQ and more all-around experience to look great in that fight.

I think that he will be pushed by Froch to show his greatness. Or he will show his talent as it is. This is our Olympic gold medalist, the only guy to win for the United States that year. Ward now, stayed on the scene for the previous few years, and everybody wondered what was going to happen with him.

But he was learning, learning and learning and he took his time slowly developing to get where he is now. Now, he’s ready to blossom right now. So I think that he will win, and I won’t be surprised if he wins by a late stoppage.
I would say between eight and 12 rounds.

Andre Hunter, trainer of heavyweight contender Seth Mitchell

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: Andre Ward-Carl Froch is a very, very tough fight for both of them. They’re both guys who know how to play that rough and tough game.

Ward is more skillful, but Froch, I wouldn’t underestimate him. But I like Ward in the end. He won’t knock out Froch. If there’s going to be a knockout, it will be by Froch. But I think Ward is going to win a decision.


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