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Who wins, Ward or Froch? The experts decide

Barry Hunter, trainer of THE RING’s No. 2-rated junior welterweight and WBA/IBF beltholder Lamont Peterson

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I’m going with Andre Ward. Ward is that rare fighter that is able to make adjustments to anybody’s style and any environment that he’s in. I’ve known him since he was 10, so I’m kind biased.

I’ve watched this man lose only one time since the age of 10 on up. So he’s a very, very smart fighter and he’s a very, very patient fighter and he’s a very, very tactical fighter and he has a great trainer.

Knowing Carl Froch’s style, and knowing Dre’s style, I think that it should be a war at times, but for the most part, Andre’s not going to give you anything in the ring to defeat him.

You’re going to have to work to defeat him. And I just don’t see Andre Ward getting out-worked. So I see Ward by decision.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo!Sports

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I picked Andre Ward when the tournament was announced, and I still think he’s by far the best fighter in the tournament. He understands how to fight and I think he’ll use his jab and his inside ability to pick apart Carl Froch.

Amir Khan, THE RING’s No. 3-rated junior welterweight and former IBF/WBA beltholder

Carl Froch W 12 Andre Ward: Carl Froch wins this fight in my eyes. He’s physically stronger, and he hits harder.
And when he catches Andre Ward, I think that he will hurt Ward and put him on the back foot.

Froch knows that this is a big fight. Froch knows that he needs to win this fight, so I think that he will want this fight
more than anyone. So I think that he wins by a 12-round decision or a late-round knockout.

Alec Kohut, Maxboxing.com

Carl Froch W 12 Andre Ward: You know, I’m going against the grain. I’m picking Carl Froch. I don’t think Andre Ward has faced a guy that has such a good, sharp left jab that usually can control the fight and keep things at bay.

I think that that if he can keep Ward on the outside and get off his shots, then I’m taking Carl Froch to win in the upset by decision.

Paulie Malignaggi, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I’m picking Andre Ward. They’re both mentally very strong. That’s going to cancel out, though. I thought Carl Froch beat guys that he wasn’t capable of beating or that he was less talented than.

But his mental stability and his fortitude has to be respected. That’s what makes me respect him is that in situations like the Jermain Taylor fight, where he was way behind and comes back and stops Taylor in the last round.

Froch is a dog and he gets in there and he’s going to test you. But as far as that’s concerned, with Ward, there is no bend in him and no quit in him either.

That’s why that I believe that it’s the mental strength that’s going to be canceled out, and that it’s going to come down to who the better fighter is. For me, Andre Ward is the better fighter, and I think that he will win by a decision.


Ryan Maquinana, CSNBayArea/BoxingSence.com

Andre Ward UD 12 Carl Froch: Last week we saw Miguel Cotto attack Antonio Margarito’s surgically-repaired eye with success. Now we wonder if Froch will do the same with the recently mended cut over Ward’s right eye.

Moreover, it will be interesting to see how Froch’s awkward style in landing punches from various angles will match up with Ward’s own idiosyncrasies, one of which is the way he can fight effectively when switching to southpaw, potential for headbutts be damned.

Many have criticized Ward for being too risk-averse and taking the mantra “to hit and not be hit” a little too far.  But I think Froch will bring the best out of Ward by making the American use all his tools. 

It is that versatility going from pure boxer to being accurate on the inside–that controlled aggression–that will win Ward a tactical but entertaining fight.

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