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Who wins, Ward or Froch? The experts decide

Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN/Reuters

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I think that Carl Froch has been the big winner of the Super Six Tournament. I know that I never expected him to make it to the finals to be perfectly honest with you.

But he’s shown a lot of adaptability. But I don’t think that he’s got as much adaptability as Andre Ward does. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ward takes a few rounds and maybe falls a bit behind.

But Ward seems to have the ability to adapt to any style and to fight differently to whoever is in front him him, as I’ve seen Ward do. I see Ward working well to Froch’s body and adapting that way and winning a points decision for Ward in a good fight.

Jack Obermeyer, USA Boxing News

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I think that it will be a very, very close, razor-thin decision for Andre Ward in a tactical fight. They’re both very smart to have gotten this far, and I think that the stakes are too high.

In a lot of these kinds of fights, they fight well within themselves rather than taking any chances. But I think think that Ward has a little bit more natural ability and speed factor than Carl Froch. He’s well-schooled, and he’s quicker.

Henry Ramirez, trainer of heavyweight contender Chris Arreola

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: I’ve got to go with Andre Ward. What’s not to like about Andre Ward? Very, very good fighter. Helluva good fighter. He can box and actually sit in the pocket and bang a little bit.

Plus, I think that he’s very, very underrated as far as his toughness. I think that people call him a dirty fighter. But I think that he does whatever he has to do to win.

You can’t knock a man for that. Carl Froch is a motherf–ker too. He’s a stubborn, determined guy also. But I’m picking Ward by decision.alt

Freddie Roach, trainer of Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Andre Ward W 12 Carl Froch: Andre Ward. I picked him from the beginning. I think that he’s the best fighter out of the bunch and the best boxer. I think that he just has too many boxing skills for Carl Froch. I think that he wins by a decision.

Ciff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Andre Ward UD 12 Carl Froch: Carl Froch has faced the toughest run of opponents of anyone in the sport in his last seven fights. The experience gained, and his growth as a fighter, is going to make him a tough out for Andre Ward.

However, Ward hasn’t lost since he was a teenager for a reason.  His timing, jab, and willingness to meet Froch in the trenches will allow to him to land first most of the night. 

He’ll be hit more than he has in the tournament so far, but, in a fight where neitherguy is likely to stop the other, it becomes a rounds game. Ward will enough of those to have his hand raised as the Super Six champ.

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