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Q&A: Referee Smoger discusses Khan-Peterson, Cotto-Margarito II stoppage

RingTV.com: You spoke about confusion, what do you mean?

SS: Well, I was hesitating to see if I could enlist one more round between the two doctors. Part of the confusion was that I had doctor Curreri up on the ring apron on one side.

But doctor Jordan had already given his instructions to stop the fight and was already walking down the steps. He was already on floor-level.

I didn’t get the “stop the fight” sign until he gave me the sign, “it’s over.” So that was the situation. The hesitancy was me hoping that we could gain one more round.

RingTV.com: Your thoughts on the ultimate ending of Cotto-Margarito II?

SS: Had it been left up to me, based on the fact that in my view, Antonio Margarito did not take a backward step for nine rounds, and just had such a great desire to go on, I would have allowed him to come out for round 10.

I would have watched him of course, but I didn’t think that he took any undo punishment. And I felt that in Round 9 that Antonio was giving as much as he was getting.

So, I’m just telling you that had it been my call, I would have allowed him to come out for the 10th round. But I was totally over-ruled by experts in the field.

I’m not an eye doctor and I’m not an opthalmologist. But they thought that it was in his best interest for future life, that it was better that it be stopped.

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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