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IBF to review Peterson-Khan; Peterson gets $1 million rematch offer

If not, Schaefer said he has sent letters to the IBF and WBA organizations requesting an order for an immediate rematch. Schaefer draws hope from the IBF’s having ordered two notable rematches largely as a result of fouls that took place.  

The IBF ordered an immediate rematch between winner Abner Mares and former bantamweight titleholder Joseph Agbeko after referee Russell Mora failed to penalize Mares for repeated low blows in their fight Aug. 13 on Showtime.

Peoples ordered the rematch between Mares and Agbeko after reviewing replays of their Showtime-televised bout with Tucker, including an 11th-round knockdown punch that Mora ruled legal even though replays clearly showed the punch landing on Agbeko’s cup.

Mares won the Showtime-televised return bout by unanimous decison over Agbeko on Dec. 3.

The move by Khan’s camp, said Tucker, is similar to the formal protest made by Agbeko’s promoter, Don King.

“We’ll review the video, yes, for sure,” said Tucker. “The circumstances are not similar, but it’s similar to the protest that Don King filed on behalf of Agbeko against Mares in that first fight. They didn’t go the appeal rout, they just asked us for a rematch.”

The IBF also ordered an immediate rematch of the cruiserweight title bout in which Steve Cunningham lost his belt by sixth-round technical decision to Yoan Pablo Hernandez on Oct. 1 in Neubrandenburg, Germany, this, ruling that the

The fighters accidentally clashed heads twice in the early rounds, causing a cut over Hernandez’s right eye that widened as the fight progressed. In the sixth round, Hernandez’s trainer, Ulli Wegner, asked for an examination by referee Mickey Vann, who then stopped the bout on the advice of ringside doctor Walter Wagner.

Tucker said that he and Peoples reviewed the video of the clash and determined that there “was an improper stoppage of the title fight.”

Concerning Cooper, Schaefer pointed to an interview with veteran referee Steve Smoger, who told RingTV.com that he has “never — N-E-V-E-R– taken a point for pushing.”

“I think that it was another one of those unfortunate circumstances where you had poor officiating. I think that the District of Columbia should do the right thing and overturn the decision,” said Schaefer .

“We have asked the IBF and the WBA to do the same, or, at worst, order an immediate rematch. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and I think that you can say here that Rome is burning. It’s clearly more than enough reason to overturn the decision.”


In the meantime, Schaefer told RingTV.com that he already has offered at least $1 million to Peterson’s manager and trainer, Barry Hunter, in an effort to seek a return bout with Khan for next year.

Schaefer also has the Los Angeles Staples Center on hold for Peterson-Khan II on May 19, although he said the bout could take place in another city as well.

“Nevertheless, we started immediately with the negotiations with Peterson’s manager, because we were led to believe that Barry Hunter wanted the rematch,” said Schaefer. “We want to get that done, and so we made them an offer of seven figures, and you know, now we’ll see if they will agree to a rematch.”

In defeating Khan, Peterson improved to 3-0-1, with two knockouts since losing by unanimous decision to RING No. 8-rated pound-for-pound Tim Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) in a failed effort to win the WBO belt in December of 2009.

Khan’s winning streak was ended at eight bouts, including four knockouts, by Peterson, who might also consider a rematch with Bradley. Bradley, his manager, Cameron Dunkin, and his promoter, Top Rank Inc. CEO, Bob Arum, have all said they would be up for negotiating a return bout with Peterson.

Peterson earned a career-high $650,000 to Khan’s guaranteed $1.1 million, this, after having turned down an earlier offer of $300,000 in Februrary to face Khan after talks broke down over money and a rematch clause between Schaefer and Peterson’s attorney, Jeff Fried, for an April bout in England.

When the negotiations fell apart, Khan moved on and defended his crown by technical decision over Paul McCloskey in England.

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

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