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IBF will not order immediate Peterson-Khan rematch


In the meantime, Schaefer told RingTV.com on Monday that he already has offered at least $1 million to Peterson’s manager and trainer, Barry Hunter, in an effort to seek a return bout with Khan for next year.

Schaefer also has the Los Angeles Staples Center on hold for Peterson-Khan II on May 19, although he said the bout could take place in another city as well.

“We started immediately with the negotiations with Peterson’s manager, because we were led to believe that Barry Hunter wanted the rematch,” Schaefer told RingTV.com on Tuesday. “We want to get that done, and so we made them an offer of seven figures, and you know, now we’ll see if they will agree to a rematch.”

In defeating Khan, Peterson improved to 3-0-1, with two knockouts since losing by unanimous decision to RING No. 8-rated pound-for-pound Tim Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) in a failed effort to win the WBO belt in December of 2009.

Khan’s winning streak was ended at eight bouts, including four knockouts, by Peterson, who might also consider a rematch with Bradley. Bradley, his manager, Cameron Dunkin, and his promoter, Top Rank Inc. CEO, Bob Arum, have all said they would be up for negotiating a return bout with Peterson.

“For now, I am going to take some time off,” said Peterson. “I am going to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.”

Peterson earned a career-high $650,000 to Khan’s guaranteed $1.1 million, this, after having turned down an earlier offer of $300,000 in Februrary to face Khan. Talks between the Peterson and Khan camps broke down over money and a rematch clause between Schaefer and Peterson’s attorney, Jeff Fried, for an April bout in England.

When the negotiations fell apart, Khan moved on and defended his crown by technical decision over Paul McCloskey in England.

“I have said all along that what we want for this young man is to take a week or so off,” said Hunter. “We want him to enjoy his daughter and his family and his accomplishment in the ring from last Saturday.”


Khan was quoted by several websites and conducted at least one interview on British television  asserting that ring announcer Michael Buffer had told him that he won the fight after having reviewed the scorecards.

But after being informed of the quotes attributed to Khan from one of the sites, Buffer issued the following statement to RingTV.com.

“The website is misinformed and/or perhaps, someone misspoke or was misquoted…I never spoke with Khan.  I try to avoid everyone after the results are in my hand.  I do not get the “cards”…in DC the announcer is handed a sheet with the score totals, the winners name is circled and–in this case–the words, BY MAJORITY DECISION’ were incorrectly circled (it was actually a split decision).  

“After the fight as I was leaving, I was told to stick around there may be a miscalculation with the cards. As I waited, I spoke with some of Khan’s team,expressed my feelings that I felt their pain (as would anyone when talking to the folks who just lost the title by a split decision) and waited for the new math…it came out to the same result and I left the building.  The story of two score totals and a different tally being given to me did not happen.

“I’d love to see a rematch.  It would be fair to fans and both fighters and, perhaps, the best thing for each fighter financially speaking.  A split decision is a usually a sign of an extremely close fight and worthy of a do-over!  Peterson should hold his head high and be proud of a great effort and Amir can do the same as he fought a great
fight that was seen by one judge (and many fans) as a victory. 

“Amir has proven a defeat will not stop him from getting back in the ring and prove himself.  Lamont has done the exact same thing…that’s what makes a champion…fight the best out there and really want the victory.  It’s called the will to win and I think both of these guys have that!”

“One thing for sure, a big winner that night was Washington DC as the huge turn out (of around ten thousand) and support from the Mayor and his staff along with many more really put promoters on notice that boxing is alive and well in our nation’s Capitol City!

“People like Jeff Fried and a lot of folks in the business and sports community in DC did a super job in a short time frame to help Golden Boy Promotions put on a super event. I know I’ll be back soon with another big night of boxing, and I’m looking forward to it!”

Photos by Naoki Fukuda

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