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$10,000 check makes it official: Khan appeals Peterson verdict


On Friday, after having reviewed both the three judges’ scorecards and a DVD of the fight that was provided by promoter Golden Boy Promotions, the IBF decided not to order an immediate rematch of Lamont Peterson’s upset split-decision victory over Amir Khan for the IBF/WBA junior welterweight belts on Dec. 10.

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But that request was only a formal protest.

Now, however, Khan is putting his money where his mouth is.

RIngTV.com has learned that Golden Boy Promotions filed an official appeal with the IBF on Khan’s behalf on Monday seeking to have the verdict overturned if not to get an immediate rematch in relation to alledged scoring descrepancies and his camp’s contention that the match was poorly officiated by Virginia-based referee Joe Cooper.

What makes Khan’s appeal official is that this second request was accompanied by a non-refundable fee in the form of a¬† $10,000 check, along with a letter and a DVD of the fight. The request, in accordance with IBF requirements, was made within 10 days of the bout.

As a result, the IBF will set up a date on which to hold an official hearing during which it will appoint three judges or referees to convene as a panel and review the evidence. That panel will determine whether or not rules were violated and if there is justification for the bout’s being overturned or for an immediate rematch.

The $10,000 goes toward flying in the officials, housing the panel in a hotel and feeding them. Over the course of around two weeks, the hearing usually plays out during which both sides will give testimony which will be examined and reviewed by the panel toward coming back with a decision.

From the time the testimony is heard, the Panel will take as many as 10 days to return with a verdict. Given that it is Christmas time, the entire process is expected to be completed sometime within the first 10 days of January.

Promoter Don King was once successful with such an appeal for an immediate rematch over rules violations after his cruiserweight Steve Cunningham lost a split decision to Krzysztof Wlodarczyk of Poland in their IBF title bout in November  2006. Cunningham won the rematch by a majority decision in May 2007. Cunningham-Wlodarczyk I and II were each contested in Poland.

Off official protests, the IBF has ordered two such immediate rematches — Abner MaresJoseph Agbeko II and Cunningham-Yoan Pablo Hernandez II, the latter of which is schedueld for Feb. 4 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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