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Khan, Golden Boy appeal Peterson verdict with IBF, WBA

Peterson was down twice in the first round, but during only one of those instances was Khan awarded a knockdown by Cooper. Concerning Cooper, Schaefer pointed to an interview with veteran referee Steve Smoger, who told RingTV.com that he has “never — N-E-V-E-R– taken a point for pushing.”

“You can read about outspoken comments about fellow referees. There was clearly no basis for one point, and absolutely no basis for two point deductions. The fact is that the referee performed one of the worst cases of home cooking that I have ever seen,” said Schaefer.

“Round 3, the referee warned [Lamont Peterson] three times to keep his head up. Round 4, one warning to keep his head up. Round 5, ‘keep your head up, son.’ Round 6, the referee warned [Peterson’s trainer] Barry Hunter, ‘any more, and I will take a point away.’ He went on to warn him two more times in that Round 6.'”

Schaefer said Cooper warned Peterson several more times without taking a point.

“So, the inconsistencies are absolutely shocking. The referee did not deduct any points. If this is not home cooking, I don’t know what is. It’s clear that after the frist round, Amir was fighting not one, but two people in the ring,” said Schaefer. “The fact is, the ref didn’t do his job. He did a sh—y job.”

There is also significant belief, on the part of Schaefer and Khan that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the scoring as well from the three judges who were chosen from a list of eight names provided by the IBF.

During an interview with RingTV.com on Dec. 15, IBF Championship Chairman, Lindsay Tucker, acknowledged that Ortiz’s scorecard went missing between the time it took for Artisst’s to enter the ring and place the belt around Peterson’s waist, and his return to ringside.

Tucker said that the document was removed by a D.C. commission official, but said, said at the time, that he did not suspect tampering.

“When he got up to go into the ring to put the ring around Peterson’s waist after the scores were announced,” said Tucker on Dec. 15. “When he came back, one of the D.C. commissioners had grabbed his master scorecard and put it away.”

Still, Schaefer doesn’t like the appearance.

“The IBF card was gone after the fight. Funny enough, it disappeared. Suddenly, two days ago, an IBF scorecard appeared? It looks like it was made up after the fact. No question about it,” said Schaefer.

“The printing was way too neat and consistent, but not consistent with what an original scorecard looks like. There clearly is smoke as it relates to the scorecards, and you know the old saying? Where there is smoke, there is fire.”

Schaefer also cited what he believes were inconsistencies in the scoring.

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