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Andre Dirrell Q&A: “I have no regrets. I’m not dwelling on the past.”

RingTV.com: Are you looking to get some rounds in against Cunningham or do you need a knockout?

AD: I’m definitely going to have to get a knockout. A boxer with my skills and my status, and my talents and my abilities, you know, people are going to be watching to see if I still have it.

People will want to see if the ring rust is still there, so I’m sure that there are a lot of people who want to see me get a knockout. They want to see a great performance and they want to see a good performance. 

If the knockout comes, it comes. A knockout is never the first thing on my mind, I just want to automatically go out and deliver an A-plus performance. That’s what I’m concerned about.

That’s what I’m concerned about come fight-time. I’m really concerned about everything going well, and I’m sure that it will go well.

RingTV.com: Is there a certain title belt that you want to target?

AD: I couldn’t give you any in order, but I want to win them all as soon as I can in 2012.

RingTV.com: What are your thoughts on IBF champion Lucian Bute?

AD: He’s one helluva fighter. He’s a great boxer and he has a great jab. He’s good with his feet. He’s good with his hands. He’s got great reflexes. The only flaw is that he’s fighting in his hometown.

He stays within his hometown too much, and he fights C- and B-plus fighters. No one with great skills. No one who is going to pose any real danger to him, really.

Everybody he has beaten, pretty much, we knew that he was going to beat them. So I don’t blame him. If he’s getting money that way and that’s going to help his career right now, then by all means, do that.

But I think that when it comes time for him to go with the big dogs, I think that he will have some big problems. Whenever I get my shot at him, I know that I’ll take that belt from him.


RingTV.com: Your thoughts on or response to criticism that you’ve endured for pulling out of the tournament as to whether or not your injuries were authentic, and whether or not it has been fair?

AD: I’ve heard that from one other person throughout all of the time that I’ve been off. You’ve got a guy who put on a masterful performance and executed the gameplan against Arthur Abraham.

He was an undefeated fighter. As it turned out he was a dirty fighter in Abraham, and I pretty much put the gameplan out there to destroy him. I didn’t only beat him, I was destroying him.

I pretty much put out the blueprint on how to beat the man. But the criticism is degrading and it’s not good for the sport of boxing.

You’re pretty much saying that it’s okay to hit a guy when he’s on the ground. Some people are calling it a controversial decision.

I worked harder for this man than I did any fight in my life, and Abraham raised the excuse that I was faking. I feel as if everybody took that and ran with it. But I’m dealing with it and I’m dealing with it very well.

RingTV.com: With your brother being the mandatory for Ward’s belt, does it matter that he might get a shot before you do?

AD: I’m happy for him, first and foremost. He’s the mandatory for Andre Ward, he’s been down and out for a long time and now his light is starting to shine.

I wish him all of the best. I wish him that 110 percent. I’m behind him all the way. Whatever he has to do, I believe that he’s going to do it.

I’m just hoping that he can take advantage of his time to shine. I hope that he can get the job done. As far as me, like I said, I’m not going to let anythign take away from what I have to do.

What I believe that I’m going to do in this sport, I don’t believe there is anything that can alter that or stop it. In 2012, look for some big things from me.



Photo by Howard Schatz, Showtime

Photos by Tom Casino, Showtime

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