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Exclusive Q&A: Hernandez to rejoin Marquez if he gets Pacquiao again

RingTV.com: So what’s next?

Angel Hernandez: We’re just waiting for the confirmation of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

I believe that Mr. Bob Arum should be meeting with Zanfer Promotions, Fernando Beltran, Marquez’s promoter. They’re going to discuss whether or not the fight is going to be done or who Marquez is going to fight next.

RingTV.com: So Marquez is going to be working with you again?

AH: Yes. Listen, we’re going to be ready to start training sometime around January 20 or early February, depending on what the agenda is.

RingTV.com: How do you feel that your training methods were manifest in Marquez’s performance?

AH: Well, think about it. A guy who is almost 39 years old fought what he thought was his best fight ever. He told me that it was his best performance ever. Definitely, the training that we did and all of the training that we’ve done had a tremendous positive impact on the fight.

That’s one of the reasons why Pacquiao is kind of not sure whether he wants to fight Marquez again. Marquez is ready to sign the contract. But I believe that Mr. Pacquiao is kind of being picky about it. So that’s your answer right there.

RignTV.com: What do you mean?

AH: Pacquiao felt Marquez’s punches and he saw his speed. I believe that if their fight comes off in May, that we’re going to have a bigger impact. We’ll have had a better training and longer training preparation and it will be a much better fight for Marquez.

Think about it. A guy who was previously known as being primarily a technician, he had had a fight with Mayweather where he was much slower. He didn’t have the right reactions. Now, going into the Pacquiao fight, he was able to perform with a lot more quickness and a lot more explosiveness.

A guy who is technical like Marquez, and who is already a tremendous fighter, obviously those little changes had a tremendous impact on the fight. Manny Pacquiao is a tremendous guy and an excellent fighter, but also a very difficult fighter.

Pacquiao’s a left hander who is really quick and who moves around. So it’s not really a comfortable fight to start with. But we also had the experiences that Marquez already had with Pacquiao in the past. Marquez fought two fights with him and they knew each other better.

[Marquez’s trainer] Mr. Nacho Beristain did an excellent job on the boxing training and the strategy for the fight. But we definitely won the fight, and that’s not just me saying that because I’m his strength coach.

I believe that was the consensus of most of the reporters and the experts in boxing. So we won the fight, but you know, things happen. You know how it goes in Las Vegas. But this time, we’ve got to go for it all and win the fight.


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