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Exclusive Q&A: Hernandez to rejoin Marquez if he gets Pacquiao again

RingTV.com: So I assume that Marquez has validated your presence and your work during your post-fight conversations?

AH: Mr. Marquez was very pleased and very happy. He was so happy that I think we’ll have probably two or three more fights going on together. I don’t think that he’s going to retire. I think that he’s going to fight for a few more years. He was very pleased and he thanked me.

He was, of course, very surprised and disappointed, of course, with how the judges decided the end of the fight.
As a matter of fact, I spoke to him yesterday just to get ready the schedule about when we’re going to get started and what we’re going to be doing.

He wants to begin training right away once we find out who we’re going to fight, and I believe the Mr. Bob Arum mentioned three guys. He mentioned possibly Tim Bradley and Miguel Cotto. I’m just waiting to see what the fight is going to be .

We want Manny, for sure, and that’s 100 percent. If you were to ask me what I want, then I want Manny again. But, that’s not up to me. But Mr. Marquez was very happy with me. He said that he was very happy with the work that we did.

RingTV.com: What can be done to improve on Marquez’s last performance against Pacquiao?

AH: Think about it. I’ll make him a better machine. We pretty much did what we thought that we could do. But there are a few things in the fight that can be changed, but as far as the physical training and supplementation, we got what we wanted.

There can be some changes, but that depends how much time we have to prepare for the next fight. The longer we have, the better the preparation.

Once again, that’s why I’m looking for it to happen in May so we can have about 14 or 15 weeks to train him. That will make a much, much better impact, and he’ll be much, much stronger than what he already was.

RingTV.com: Were you prepared for the level of scrutiny and controversy surrounding your presence in Marquez’s camp, and how do you feel that you handled it?

AH: I mean, you know, people are always going to have their opinions, and that’s something that you can never take away from the people. Anybody is free to have their opinion. But there is testing for drugs.

The commission can test all that they want for blood and urine. I think that I pretty much made my point clear. I’m sure that a few reporters are always going to be bringing up things like this to sell more papers.

But in reality, I think that everybody knows that it was a good fight and what we did was strictly science and all and everything was legit. Nothing was illegal. There was no illegal supplementation in any way. So I think that’s what matters.


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