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Exclusive Q&A: Hopkins wants to go out “guns blazing” in 2012


RingTV.com: Where would you most like to fight next?

BH: I believe that I’ve earned the right to close it out where I want to close it out, and that is Atlantic City. It’s a stone’s throw away from New York, it’s a stone’s throw away from Washington, D.C., it’s a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia and all of the local cities.

I’ve lived in Delaware since 1998, so I’ve got to assume that I’ve got fans in Delaware as well. I still have a condo right down in Philadelphia. I’ve made history there with Antonio Tarver and against Kelly Pavlik, two fights where the experts had me losing at least by 5-to-1.

When I fought Kelly Pavlik, it was a sellout. When I fought Antonio Tarver, it was a sellout. So I do well in Atlantic City. But I’ve had some good reviews at serious places here and there because I’ve had that other dance partner. I have the Madison Square Garden fight with Felix Trinidad.

That was a fight where a lot of those fans came to support the guy that I was fighting. Atlantic City is something that I mentioned to Richard Schaefer and to my business advisor. I’ve got the tri-state areas as fans.

RingTV.com: Who would you most like to fight there?

BH: Negotiations are ongoing and things are being talked about as far as me fighting there in Atlantic City. There are some names, but I don’t want to put it out there before the deal is signed.

So it’s crucial now, because no one wants to lose to a 46-year-old soon-to-be 47-year-old man. But the negotiations are taking place for a fight to take place down there in Atlantic City.

RingTV.com: If you are able to get your desired two more fights, what would be left to accomplish after that?

BH: Well, I’m older, so anything that I do now, it’s history. What I did before can’t be sneezed at because it built the foundation for what came after that. But anything that I do at this stage has become more significant because of my age.

I can’t downplay what I’ve done in the last three fights. But I’m waiting for Richard to bring me some news, man, about either late March or early April on whatever network there is. As far as HBO, I’m due at least one more date, and I’m willing to fulfill that.

But again, 2012 is going to be a year that I want people to say that they’re going to see a living legend fight. Because, you know, 2013, that’s not guaranteed to nobody.



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