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Q&A with Mark Johnson: There’s life after jail for Mayweather


RingTV.com: So in summary, what is your best advice to Floyd on how to learn from this?

MJ: Well, I finally had a year just to work out and let my body rest up from taking punches, and I think that it served me well. I think that Floyd will be okay, and as long as he remembers some of these things. For a guy like me to do a year, and then, come back and win a title again?

I think that it’s easier for a guy like Floyd to come in and do 90 days. It may be something where Floyd has to look at it like, “with all of these distractions I’ve been dealing with, you know, I need this 90-day rest.” So, the first thing that I would tell Floyd is to go in there and to stay focused.

You only have 90 days. Work out when you can work out. I worked out all the time. Monday through Friday. I excercised Monday through Friday. I think Floyd Mayweather needs to say to himself, “you know, I think that I can go in there and get this over with, come out and make the biggest fights possible,” you know? Whatever fights that may be.


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Photo by Delane Rouse, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos, Golden Boy Promotions

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