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THE RING February issue: At a glance


When Nat Fleischer founded THE RING Magazine in February 1922, he probably couldn’t have imagined that it would be around in 2012 – 40 years after his death.

Yet here we are, ninety years after the first issue rolled off the presses and still going strong. Indeed, the Bible of Boxing remains an important part of the boxing landscape.

To celebrate the milestone, the RING staff has put together a commemorative issue. This is what you’ll find in the special 47-page package:

In 90th Anniversary: A Celebration, we take you on a decade-by-decade tour of the sport. Regular contributor Don Stradley provides the highlights, historian Cliff Rold gives you his Top 10 pound-for-pound lists for each decade and we pull one story out of the magazine and reproduce it in each segment.

You’ll also find a timeline highlighting the key moments in the life of THE RING throughout the feature.

In Mr. Boxing: Nat Fleischer and His Magazine, contributor Dave McKee chronicles the fascinating genesis of the publication. And in The Bible of Boxing: The History of One of the Sport’s Most Enduring Institutions, we lay out the entire history of the magazine.

We truly hope you enjoy it.

Also in the February issue, we take a look back at the wonderful career of the late Joe Frazier.

In Smokin’ Joe’s Fire Always Burned, contributor Bernard Fernandez, from Frazier’s hometown of Philadelphia, tells you what made Frazier a particularly special fighter.

And in Smokin’ Joe: A Remembrance, legendary Philadelphia sports writer Stan Hochman gives you his personal perspective of a fighter whose career he covered closely.

Elsewhere, regular contributor Norm Frauenheim writes in Out of the Norm: The Year of the (Bad) Ref that a series of shaky performances by the third man in the ring raised concerns in 2011.

Talented free-lance photographer Robert Gallagher gives you a compelling visual tour of boxing’s premier gym in Full House: Can a Boxing Gym Inspire Greatness. The Wild Card Boxing Club in Photos. Regular contributor Gary Andrew Poole writes the accompanying essay.

In Shock and Awe, regular contributor Joseph Santoliquito writes about James Kirkland’s stunning knockout of Alfredo Angulo and where Kirkland goes from there.

Regular contributor Ron Borges reviews the controversial Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight and explores the future of the Filipino icon in What Now for Pacquiao?

Contributor Brian Doogan gives you a look at the British boxing team that will compete in the 2012 Olympics in London as part of our series, in which we preview one nation each month.

In Best I’ve Faced, Oscar De La Hoya reveals his toughest opponents in 10 categories.

In Famous Fans, famed filmmaker Ron Shelton gives you his perspective on the sport he loves.

And, in Looking Ahead, Stradley serves up a list of things he’d like to see in 2012.


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