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Molina seeks validation against Kirkland


RingTV.com: Where do you think Kirkland ranks as far as everyone you’ve faced?

CM: Out of the fighters that I’ve fought, you know, styles make fights. In aggressiveness and toughness and pressure and everything, I guess that he might be on top of that against everyone else that I’ve fought.

But as far as boxing skills and everything, I don’t think he’s the best. But it comes down to styles. It comes down to how you fight him. One of these days, I’ll get the credit for the way that I fight.

Hopefully, after I beat James Kirkland, then I will get the full credit that I deserve. Hopefully, after this, they’ll give me the same opportunities that they’re saying Kirkland has for the big fights.

I want fights like [WBC junior middleweight titleholder Saul] Canelo Alvarez, or anybody in the top 10 at 154 pounds.

RingTV.com: Do you have a prediction?

CM: You know, I’m just going to go out and fight him tough. Whether I win by a decision or a stoppage, I predict a win. I predict the “W.”



Photos by Chris Cozzone, Fightwireimages.com

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