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Spike TV-Top Rank talks confirmed

RingTV.com has confirmed its earlier report that a deal is being considered between Top Rank Inc. and Spike Television for a weekly, 36-show boxing broadcast, although the original assertion that it is to begin on Friday, March 9 “may be premature,” according to a source familiar to the talks.

Spike TV spokesperson David Schwarz acknowledge that discussions about bringing boxing to the network have taken place, although he would not say Top Rank Inc. was involved. 

“Right now, all that I can say is that we’re talking to a lot of people,” said Schwarz. “Spike is looking to expand its horizons and we’re talking to a lot of different sports organizations.”

According to a source familiar with the talks, however, Top Rank Inc. and Spike Television have had discussions about a tournament series, characterizing the conversations as “brainstorming,” and adding that “March would be premature” to mention as a starting date.

Spike TV is apparently looking to formulate a fighting tournament series structure similar to Bellator Fighting Championships.

An MMA venture founded in 2008, the tournament-structured Bellator airs on MTV2, but “is very successful and is going to come to Spike TV next year,” according to the source.


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