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Sources: Peterson-Khan mystery man is no IBF official


Depending on whom you ask, the Lamont PetersonAmir Khan fight’s ringside “Mystery Man” may no longer be a mystery.

“We don’t have an idea who this guy is,” WBA President Gilberto Mendoza told Sky Sports in England. “We can’t identify him.”

Meanwhile, one source has informed RingTV.com that the man is Mustafa Ameen, who once served as the business manager of former Olympic heavyweight hopeful Michael Hunter.

Still another source called him “a wannabe” who is “not an IBF official, not in any way associated with the Peterson camp,” but who “apparently is just this guy who showed up and managed to get a credential to sit at ringside.”

“What is shocking even further is that he was seen in the ring after the fight celebrating with the Petersons,” said Golden Boy Promotions CEO, Richard Schaefer, who handles Khan. “So for a man claiming to be an IBF official to do that, I don’t understand how something like that can happen.”

Whoever this guy turns out to be, and whatever the reasons for his behavior, it is because of his actions — caught on video — that Mendoza has called for a rematch of last month’s split-decision win by Peterson that dethroned Khan as IBF/WBA beltholder.

Citing poor officiating and scorecard descrepancies among his reasoning, Khan has appealed to the IBF and the WBA to overturn Peterson’s victory or else to order an immediate rematch.

“This will be my personal opinion, but that would be the right decision at the moment,” Mendoza told Sky Sports in England concerning a potential for a rematch. “There were a lot of things that make this fight controversial.”

Mendoza reached his decision Thursday after having studied images of the unidentified man accused by Khan of interfering with the judges and leaning over WBA supervisor Michael Welsh during the Peterson-Khan clash on Dec. 10.

In the video, which can be viewed by clicking here, the man can be spotted wearing a blue hat as he appears to be distracting Welsh and other officials at ringside during the fight.

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