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Q&A: Perez aims to shut Broner up

RingTV.com: How are you viewing this opportunity against Broner?

Eloy Perez: This is just another fight. I’ve got an opportunity to fight for the title, but this is just another fight. I have to prepare in a tough training camp, and I’ll be ready to do my best on Feb. 25.

But this is a big opportunity. It is for the world title. A lot of fighters don’t make it to this point, but I’ve got the opportunity to fight against a world champion. Adrien is not just an okay fighter.

He’s the best. He’s the champion. I’m going to try to compete with that and see where I’m at, and I’m going to give it my best. I’m going to come out victorious. He’s a quality fighter, and I’ve got to give him that.

RingTV.com: Since you’ve scored knockouts in your past two fights, do you feel that will be manifest in this fight as well or do you believe this is going to be a boxing match?

EP: I’ve learned a lot of boxing, with my chicanery and making moves in the ring, and that’s what people want to see in there. I got criticized for a while, which isn’t something that bothered me.

But people want knockouts, and on Feb. 25, I’m going to do what I need to do to win. If I need to box, or if I need to come forward, then I’ve got it all.

RingTV.com: Have you been affected by any of Broner’s comments?

EP: He’s a s**t-talker. More power to him. If that’s what he needs to do, then he should feel good about it? For me, they’re just words. I can’t really judge the guy. It’s not who I am.

If that’s what floats his boat or gets his steam going, then that’s okay with me. It doesn’t really bother me. More power to him. Andrien Broner’s a punk. But on Feb. 25, I’m going to shut him up and put him into his place.

That’s on him. Whatever character he wants to make himself into, that’s up to him. To me, he’s a punk who talks a lot of s**t. But on Feb. 25, it’s just going to be me and him in the ring.

No one else. No words. No more videos to make. Nothing else. When we’re in the ring on Feb. 25, I’m going to take his title from him. I’m going to shut him up when we’re both in the ring.


RingTV.com: I understand that your father was injured and that he’s been with you in training for this fight?

EP: My dad was at work and he hurt his foot. He got his foot crushed on a bobcat. He has a ranch, and he was carrying gravel. The machine, the actual bobcat, crushed his foot. But he kept working through all of that.

He almost lost his foot. But he’s been blessed, and he’s been here with me for this camp. So I’m going harder and I’m focused.

Having my dad and having that relationship with him, that’s really motivating me. I’m just focused. I’m going to give it my best on Feb. 25 and we’ll see what happens.

RingTV.com: What about the opportunity to fight on HBO?

EP: If I win, it will be like, “I f**cking did it, you know? Sorry about my language, but that’s what it will be. Winning the title is the ultimate.

Like I said, a lot of fighters don’t get a chance like this, but I could say, “s**’t, I did it.” If I win the title, I’ll want to fight another champion at 130 to see who is better.

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