Lee Groves

10: Best junior featherweights of all time

2. Marco Antonio Barrera


Record: 67-7 with 44 knockouts

Years Active: 1989-2011

Title Reign: March 31, 1995-November 22, 1996, October 31, 1998-February 19, 2000, June 17, 2000-December 1, 2000 (WBO)

Style: Mexican boxer-banger

Strengths: Versatility, body punching, ring generalship

Why Is He Ranked? Barrera packed an old-school 10 title fights in 20 months during his first reign and amassed 12 successful defenses in three reigns, which rates third all-time. He never shied away from a challenge, either inside the ring or in terms of tackling challengers. Produced modern ring classics against Morales and Kennedy McKinney, the latter of which set the tone for the debuting HBO series Boxing After Dark.

Best Opponents at 122: Eddie Cook (TKO 8), Daniel Jimenez (W 12), Frank Toledo (KO 2), Agapito Sanchez (W 12), Kennedy McKinney (KO 12), Jesse Benavides (KO 3), Junior Jones (LDQ 5, L 12), Erik Morales (L 12), Jesus Salud (KO 6)

Also Faced in Other Divisions: Morales (W 12, W 12), Carlos Salazar (W 10), Naseem Hamed (W 12), Enrique Sanchez (RTD 6), Johnny Tapia (W 12), Kevin Kelley (KO 4), Manny Pacquiao (KO by 11, L 12), Paulie Ayala (KO 10), Mzonke Fana (KO 2), Rocky Juarez (W 12, W 12), Juan Manuel Marquez (L 12), Amir Khan (TL 5)

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