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Exclusive Q&A: Marquez sees Peterson as potential target


RingTV.com: If you don’t get Pacquiao, would you see either Bradley or Peterson as acceptable substitutes?

JMM: I hear you. Those two fighters are great fighters, but I would like a fight with Lamont Peterson for my fourth title.

RingTV.com: How would you see that working itself out?

JMM: I would need to talk to Fernando, and with Bob Arum and with Todd duBoef, and then, we can decide my future. 

RingTV.com: Did you know that you are Peterson’s favorite fighter?

JMM: No. I did not know that. I would like to say thanks to Lamont Peterson for that. Right? But this is a sport. We know to fight and we need to fight. This is a sport.

RingTV.com: Why would you see Peterson as a good challenge for you?

JMM: Lamont Peterson is a great fighter because he won over Amir Khan, who is another good fighter. So Lamont Peterson is a great fighter for me to fight.

RingTV.com: So if you do not get Pacquiao, Peterson is the fight that you want?

JMM: I don’t know. I will tell you that I don’t know what will happen, but I really want the fight with Manny again. I won that fight. I beat him three times. Everybody saw what happened on November 12. I won that fight.


Photos by Naoki Fukuda

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