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Exclusive Q&A: Cotto’s advisor discusses matchups with Pacquiao, Mayweather, Alvarez

RingTV.com: So you have not specifically spoken about a Pacquiao-Cotto rematch?

GP: I have had zero conversations with Bob or Todd about it, although we have spoken while Bob was in the Philippines. But that has not been officially mentioned to us. We’ve been in communication, but not in person or in meetings.

RingTV.com: What was involved with Tuesday’s trip to New York with Cotto?

GP: We were on business, but nothing to do with Canelo or Manny or anything of that sort. After that, we went to Mexico on promotional activities and etc. I know the connection that you are trying to make, but, no, really.

Of course everybody has been in contact with us. Of course. Since early in the year. Of course. In earnest, until we know what’s going to happen with Mayweather and Pacquiao, I can not tell you that we have a plan.

RingTV.com: Express your thoughts on how big a fight would be between Cotto and Alvarez?

GP: I think that it would be attractive, of course. I think that it’s a very interesting fight. Cotto’s experience versus an up-and-coming youthful fighter. Very interesting with the Mexican-Puerto Rican rivalry. Miguel has proven to be a pay per view attraction, and Canelo appears to be avery good attraction, if not yet proven pay per view-wise.

But it’s there. Canelo is a huge attraction in Mexico, movie star-like. Even outside of boxing and into the mainstream, I think that fight is very attractive. Two good-looking guys going at it. Absolutely, that’s a great fight there.

RingTV.com: The merits of Pacquiao-Cotto II?

GP: That one, I think, would be even more attractive in the United States, pay per view-wise. It’s a great rematch with the fact that Miguel Cotto has done very well in his past three fights, all by knockout against good opposition. Miguel has shown new talent and new strategies.

The element of his new trainer, Pedro Diaz, adds to that and would make a huge difference from the first fight, and you saw that in the last fight against Margarito. There is new movement and new footwork and new style and new energy-level.

I think that that brings a whole new dimension to the fight and the rematch. Miguel carried a great pay per view in his last fight with Margarito. For sure, it would be a fight with fireworks. That’s another big fight, no question.

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